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Santiago 2023: Government evaluates awarding divisions as prizes for Team Chile medalists



The government will evaluate the awarding division to Chilean athletes who have won medals at the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago.

The Chilean government is evaluating the idea of ​​delivering apartments built for the Pan American Games to medal-winning Team Chile players.

This was confirmed by Deputy Erica Olivera after conducting a meeting with the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric.

Since 2019, Olivera has called for Peru’s example at the last Pan-American Conference to be followed. Consider awarding some of the 1355 apartments built as prizes It houses delegations from 41 countries participating in Santiago 2023.

This Friday, the president noted that it seemed right that the medal-winning athletes representing Chile in Santiago 2023 would receive one of the Pan American Village divisions. We still need to confirm some details.

Deputy Olivera said, “Considering the housing crisis has affected many Chileans, athletes who are also full-time workers do not receive salaries like others and scholarships of any kind. , they have no possibility of getting credits and devote most of their youth to developing the field, ”he assured. Did.

“That is why we announced the project four years ago in the administration of President Pinera, and today we consider the example of Peru and insist on supporting the housing of our players. Now that it’s clear, I couldn’t be happier,” the former marathon runner explained.

The paradox clarified by Olivera is that while the athletes are denied salt and water, as happened with the ghost trip to Spain by the Chilean delegation, which ADO Chile justified with false invoices, they were given salt and water. It means that the money that was earned is lost.

On this issue, the Vice President raised to the President the structural flaws that sport has with respect to resource management, as there is no program control or evaluation. “Many athletes preparing for Santiago 2023 today blew up all the cards who have problems that have dragged on for years with the Commonwealth, who need only political will to solve their problems,” he said.

Source: Biobiochile

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