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Emma Klinec’s perfect day: a victory, a won tour and a new world record



The kid convincingly won the Raw Air tour

Ema Klinec is the winner of the premier competition of female jumpers in flights. In Vikersund, she set a world record with 226.0 m in the first series, thereby confirming the overall victory of the Norwegian Raw Air tour.

The 24-year-old jumper from Poljana nad Škofja Loka was in a class of her own. She had the best result in both series and ended up beating the competition by as many as 41 points. In the final, she managed another excellent flight when she landed at 223.5 m. Second place was taken by a Norwegian woman Silje Opsethwho also flew 200 m both times, and the third was a Japanese woman Yuki Ito.

This year, FIS only listened to the desire of ski jumpers to fly on skis. He organized the first match in Vikersund, which also owns the men’s world record, and 15 girls who were the best placed in the Raw Air tour total could participate. Jumpers have proven that they can fly safely and very far. The best was Ema Klinec, who confirmed her excellent form at the end of the season.

She was immediately at ease at the Norwegian airport. Already on Saturday, when the girls completed three sets for training, she was in a very good mood. In the second series, like the first – Daniela Iraschka already flew 200 meters 19 years ago in Kulm, but not in an official competition – she went over the magic 200 mark when she landed at 203.0 meters. Her third flight on Saturday was exceptional, measuring as much as 2021.0 m, a Canadian woman was able to go one meter further then Alexandria Loutitt, but the current junior and members’ world champion started five places higher.

The highlight of a brilliant weekend was Sunday’s match and Ema Klinec’s first flight, with which she also won a nice lead before the final series, in which only the former world champion on the medium apparatus confirmed great success. Thanks to SSK member Norica Žiri, Slovenian ski jumpers have a world record for the third time. It was in 1961 Jože Šlibar set a world record in Oberstdorf with 141.0 m, in 2015 he also set a world record on Vikersundbakken Peter Prevc as the first to fly 250.0 m, and now they have company in a prestigious club.

In the end, Ema Klinec convincingly won the total of the Raw Air tour. She surpassed the German by 88.1 points Katharina Althaus, and the third was her compatriot Selina Freitag. Nika Križnar, who celebrated on the Norwegian tour last year, was fifth this time. She took seventh place in Vikersund. In the first series, she set a personal record with 193.5 m, and in the final she landed at 187.0 m.

The show jumpers will finish the season on Friday in Lahti. The big crystal globe has already been won by an Austrian Eva Pinkelnig. Katharina Althaus took second place overall, while Ema Klinec is well on her way to third place, who has 57 points ahead of the Norwegian before the last race of the winter. Anna Odina Stroem.

Končni vrstni red:      daljave   točke
 1. E. KLINEC     SLO 226,0/223,5 414,7
 2. S. OPSETH     NOR 211,0/207,0 373,7
 3. J. ITO        JAP 200,5/190,0 352,6
 4. K. ALTHAUS    NEM 194,0/190,0 347,4
 5. A. LOUTITT    KAN 172,5/225,0 339,5
 6. M. LUNDBY     NOR 186,5/184,5 328,0
 7. N. KRIŽNAR    SLO 193,5/187,0 320,8
 8. E. PINKELNIG  AVT 168,0/191,0 303,8
 9. A. STRATE     KAN 183,5/188,0 310,2
10. S. FREITAG    NEM 188,0/170,5 298,2
Po prvi seriji:         daljave   točke
 1. E. KLINEC     SLO    226,0    209,1
 2. S. OPSETH     NOR    211,0    191,6
 3. K. ALTHAUS    NEM    194,0    174,2
 4. J. ITO        JAP    200,5    173,4
 5. M. LUNDBY     NOR    186,5    157,4
 6. N. KRIŽNAR    SLO    193,5    156,3
 7. S. FREITAG    NEM    188,0    154,5
 8. A. STRATE     KAN    183,5    151,8
 9. E. PINKELNIG  AVT    168,0    144,6
10. A. LOUTITT    KAN    172,5    138,3
Turneja Raw Air (9/9):                
 1. E. KLINEC     SLO           1859,6
 2. K. ALTHAUS    NEM           1771,5
 3. S. FREITAG    NEM           1704,3
 4. S. OPSETH     NOR           1683,3
 5. N. KRIŽNAR    SLO           1653,5
 6. C. KREUZER    AVT           1649,7
 7. A. LOUTITT    KAN           1647,6
 8. A. O. STROEM  NOR           1645,0
 9. E. PINKENIG   AVT           1639,3
10. M. LUNDBY     NOR           1630,7
18. N. PREVC      SLO           1153,4
27. M. VTIČ       SLO            822,0
30. K. KOMAR      SLO            741,0
Jumper Experimental series The first series Second series
Nika Križnar 185.0 m 193.5 m 187.0 m
Emma Klinec 200.0 m 226.0 m 223.5 m

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Source: Rtvslo

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