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The slalom final and the fight for the slalom globe



Braathen on the first position half a second ahead of Kristoffersen

The final action of the 2022/23 Alpine Skiing World Cup season is the men’s slalom in Soldeu. The small globe has not yet been cast, which gives the match an extra charm. Ramon Zenhäusern is in the best position to win the match and Lucas Braathen is in the best position to win the small globe.

The final started at 1:30 p.m., broadcast on TV SLO 2.

The Swiss Zenhäusern, for whom the salted tracks suit him, is 26 hundredths ahead of the second-placed Lucas Brathen. Third Fabio Gstrein is just over half a second behind. Fourth is Timon Haugan and fifth is Henrik Kristoffersen.

After nine slaloms, Braathen is in the best position for the small globe, and Kristoffersen, who is 32 points behind, is also flirting with the laurels. Kristoffersen already lifted the slalom globe in 2016, 2020 and 2022. On the first track, Braathen was 54 percent faster than Kristoffersen.

Switzerland’s Daniel Yule could join the battle for the globe with some luck (he is 65 points behind Braathen), but he was more than two seconds behind on the first track.

In theory, Zenhäusern also has a chance, trailing Braathen by 99 points.

Prva proga, izidi:  
 1. R. ZENHÄUSERN      ŠVI       57,89
 2. L. BRAATHEN        NOR       +0,26
 3. F. GSTREIN         AVT        0,55
 4. T. HAUGAN          NOR        0,67
 5. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR        0,80
 6. M. FELLER          AVT        0,84
 7. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI        0,98
 8. A. STEEN OLSEN     NOR        1,31
 9. A. POPOV           BLG        1,70
10. M. SCHWARZ         AVT        1,93
11. K. JAKOBSEN        ŠVE        1,96
12. L. STRASSER        NEM        2,14
Slalomski seštevek (9/10):                        
 1. L. BRAATHEN        NOR         466
 2. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR         434
 3. D. YULE            ŠVI         401
 4. R. ZENHÄUSERN      ŠVI         367
 5. M. FELLER          AVT         329
 6. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI         317
 7. L. STRASSER        NEM         306
 8. C. NOEL            FRA         292
 9. A. STEEN OLSEN     NOR         239
10. A. L. McGRATH      NOR         215
43. Š. HADALIN         SLO          22

Source: Rtvslo

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