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Cables Crossed: Argentinian Defender Reveals Rare Criminal, Assumes Joke of the Century



After a pass from the goalkeeper, Paolo Goltz stole the ball with both hands, forcing the referee to blow the penalty whistle.

An extraordinary moment was experienced in Argentine football this Saturday.In the match between Independiente and centre-back Colón Paolo Golz He stole all eyes after committing a childish and unforgivable punishment.

In the 74th minute, goalkeeper Ignacio Cicco put the ball into play after a short play on a goal kick. The 37-year-old defender surprised everyone (and himself) by receiving the ball in his hands and once again executing a set piece action. .

But after this unusual behavior, the “red” players rushed hysterically in front of the referee Nicholas Lamolina failing to size up Goltz’s giant attack in the first instance, sparked angry allegations and the former Boca Juniors footballer’s return to reason, realizing his mistake.

After a tense few minutes of protests and explanations in front of the commitment judges, VAR helped La Molina.La Molina finally took a penalty and scored a goal Matthias Jimenez .

A 2-1 goal in favor of Independiente, “Wanchope” Avila He had other plans and a discount decided the final draw.

After the final whistle, Goltz spoke in front of the microphone on the official broadcast with his chest puffed up by the bullets, describing an action that could easily be assumed to be the ‘failure’ of the century.

“The referee told me that I don’t have to blow the whistle all the time to restart play, but that I’ve reversed plays before because I didn’t give the order. So I don’t understand I think I’ll catch it with my head and go and they just move the ball and I catch it I didn’t even feel the whistle and because we are not in a position to give this , it pisses me off. I’m old enough to guess if it was my fault ‘ he deepened.

Source: Biobiochile

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