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With the third place in Vikersund, Lanišek confirmed the podium on the Raw Air tour



Granerud got a tour and also a big crystal globe

At the last match of the Norwegian Raw Air tour, Stefan Kraft celebrated on flights in Vikersund. The second was Halvor Egner Granerud, who won the total of the tour, as well as the big crystal globe, while Anže Lanišek came third.

27th in his career and 14th this winter it is Lanišek swung onto the stage for the winners. Second time to him it is made it on flights after it is was third last year in the Friday match in Planica. 26-year-old from Domžal it is in the first series when it is had challenging conditions, landed at 231.0 m. In the final it is gained one place with 220.5 m and confirmed his place on the podium in the overall Raw Air tours. He became it is the first Slovene who it is accomplished this feat. So far, the best they have been is fourth Prices Prevc and Žiga Jelar, Peter Prevc well it is was fifth.

Turneja Raw Air (12/12):              
 1. H-E. GRANERUD NOR           2932,0
 2. S. KRAFT      AVT           2913,8
 3. A. LANIŠEK    SLO           2784,4
 4. R. KOBAJAŠI   JAP           2724,4
 5. D. TSCHOFENIG AVT           2721,2
 6. T. ZAJC       SLO           2679,7
 7. M. HAYBÖCK    AVT           2658,2
 8. K. STOCH      POL           2627,5
 9. M. FETTNER    AVT           2593,3
10. D. A. TANDE   NOR           2571,9
17. Ž. JELAR      SLO           2340,1
18. D. PREVC      SLO           2249,8
30. L. KOS        SLO           1755,6
31. R. MASLE      SLO           1657,6

In the sixth edition of the Norwegian tour it is celebrated for the first time by a domestic jumper. Grain ore it is otherwise led after the first series. After the flight of 234.0 m, he also had quite a good advantage, but it is in the second with 219.0 m he wasted and in the end behind Kraft, otherwise the winner of last year’s tour Raw Air, 7.6 points behind. 26-year-old ace from Oslo it is 18. stepped on the podium this winter. Because the Pole did not jump this time due to personal reasons Dawid Kubacki, it is Granerud already won the big crystal globe three games before the end. With 25 wins it is already a Norwegian record holder, but now it is also the first from the home country of ski jumping with two overall World Cup victories.

In the fourth game of the season it is Kraft became the first to it is beat Granerud in flights this winter. to a 29-year-old Austrian who it is set a still valid world record in Vikersund six years ago, it is achieved the distance of the day with 246.5 m in the first series. Barely it is stayed on his feet so it is was only second, and in the final it is flew from 235.5 m to 29. victories in a career. The sixth time it is won the flights, and for the first time he it is succeeded on Vikersundbakkenbut now has victories at all four airports currently in the World Cup. With the 29th victory of his career it is tied with the Japanese for seventh place on the all-time list I’m roaring The Kobayashis.

Svetovni pokal (29/32):            
 1. H. E. GRANERUD      NOR   2058 točk
 2. D. KUBACKI          POL   1592     
 3. S. KRAFT            AVT   1550     
 4. A. LANIŠEK          SLO   1474     
 5. R. KOBAJAŠI         JAP    911     
 6. P. ŽYLA             POL    895     
 7. A. WELLINGER        NEM    862     
 8. D. TSCHOFENIG       AVT    750     
 9. M. FETTNER          AVT    738     
10. T. ZAJC             SLO    677     
17. Ž. JELAR            SLO    458     
20. D. PREVC            SLO    375     
22. P. PREVC            SLO    274     
23. L. KOS              SLO    265     
44. R. MASLE            SLO     36     
49. Ž. MOGEL            SLO     35     
65. M. BARTOLJ          SLO     11     
71. M. VIDIC            SLO      5     

Fifth place it is occupied Domain Prevcwhich it is was after the first series when it is landed 240.5 m, and even received one 20 for his flight, third. In the final it is lost a little with 200.0 m. Two places it is also regressed in the second Timi Zajcwhich it is flew 232.0 and 208.0 m. So are they cities lost 19. Lovro Kos and 20 Žiga Jelaryoung people Butter deadlinewhich it is made his debut at the airfields and also set a personal record with 218.0 mv qualifications, pa it is was disqualified in the final due to an inappropriate jersey. Anyway it is reached the World Cup point for the first time in flights.

Rabbit it is finished sixth overall on the tour, and in the World Cup standings it is advanced to tenth. Lanišek it is he is fourth here, and Kraft now trails him by 76 points. The Austrian does it is approached to Kubacka in second place with only 49 points. The caravan is now moving to Lahta, where there will be one individual and one team match. The end of the World Cup will be in two weeks in Planica with two individual and one team test.

Končni vrstni red:      daljave   točke
 1. S. KRAFT      AVT 246,5/235,5 497,4
 2. H-E. GRANERUD NOR 234,0/219,0 489,8
 3. A. LANIŠEK    SLO 231,0/220,5 468,8
 4. M. HAYBÖCK    AVT 223,5/231,0 467,6
 5. D. PREVC      SLO 240,5/200,0 451,8
 6. R. JOHANSSON  NOR 234,0/211,0 448,4
 7. T. ZAJC       SLO 232,0/208,0 448,2
 8. K. STOCH      POL 222,5/227,5 438,4
 9. D. TSCHOFENIG AVT 230,5/212,0 438,1
10. J. HÖRL       AVT 207,5/227,5 435,4
19. L. KOS        SLO 216,5/204,0 410,1
20. Ž. JELAR      SLO 221,0/208,0 407,0
30. R. MASLE      SLO 211,5/198,0      
Masle je bil zaradi neustreznega dresa 
diskvalificiran v drugi seriji.        
Po prvi seriji:         daljave   točke
 1. H-E. GRANERUD NOR    234,0    258,2
 2. S. KRAFT      AVT    246,5    249,2
 3. D. PREVC      SLO    240,5    241,4
 4. A. LANIŠEK    SLO    231,0    241,2
 5. T. ZAJC       SLO    232,0    235,6
 6. R. JOHANSSON  NOR    234,0    231,1
 7. M. HAYBÖCK    AVT    223,5    229,4
 8. D. TSCHOFENIG AVT    230,5    227,0
 9. K. STOCH      POL    222,5    217,9
10. P. ŽYLA       POL    218,0    217,8
11. L. KOS        SLO    216,5    217,7
15. Ž. JELAR      SLO    221,0    215,0
24. R. MASLE      SLO    211,5    193,4
Kvalifikacije:          daljave   točke
 1. S. KRAFT      AVT    236,5    249,7
 2. H-E. GRANERUD NOR    235,5    247,0
  . R. JOHANSSON  NOR    231,0    247,0
 4. G. DESCHWAND. ŠVI    229,5    238,5
 5. D. PREVC      SLO    223,0    237,3
 6. M. HAYBÖCK    AVT    229,5    236,4
 7. D. A. TANDE   NOR    227,0    236,2
 8. R. KOBAJAŠI   JAP    212,5    236,1
 9. T. ZAJC       SLO    218,0    230,4
10. A. LANIŠEK    SLO    204,5    226,7
11. L. KOS        SLO    226,0    222,8
14. Ž. JELAR      SLO    216,0    219,8
26. R. MASLE      SLO    218,0    189,8
Continental Cup season finished
The Continental Cup season ended in Lahti, where Matija Vidic jumped onto the podium. Besides him, Žak Mogel, Tilen Bartol and Jernej Presečnik also excelled. Austrian Clemens Leitner won the first match in Lahti ahead of Vidic. Mogel was sixth, Bartol was ninth, and Presečnik was 14th. Rok Oblak caught the points in 29th place, Patrik Vitez remained without in 43rd. Leitner also won the final race of the season, Mogel took tenth place, Presečnik was one place behind him , Vidic finished in 14th place, Vitez took the points this time with 22nd place, Oblak was 25th, and Bartol took 28th place. In total, after 26 matches, the best Norwegian was Benjamin Oestvold, the best Slovenian was Mogel in ninth place.

Jumper Qualifications The first series Second series

Butter deadline

218.0 m 211.5 m 198.0 m
Lovro Kos 226.0 m 216.5 m 208.0 m
Žiga Jelar 216.0 m 221.0 m 204.0 m
Anže Lanišek 204.5 m 231.0 m 208.0 m
Domain Prevc 223.0 m 240.5 m 220.5 m
Timi Zajc 218.0 m 232.0 m 200.0 m

Source: Rtvslo

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