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This was the agony experienced by the sports host after the earthquake in Ecuador.



An Ecuadorian sports journalist was in the middle of a live show when he was struck by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake that hit Ecuador on March 18, 2023. Roberto Bonafont has calmed down.

Of the four panelists, only Roberto Bonafont remained in his place. He was trying to calm his companions who had left their seats for safety.

Shortly after noon on Saturday, March 18, 2023, a magnitude 6.5-degree earthquake was recorded across much of Ecuador.

A building collapsed and one person died, according to the Risk Management Office in a report released after 1 p.m.

The program Los Humildes, which is broadcast on YouTube’s Marca 90 channel, was being broadcast live at the time of the earthquake.

Journalists Roberto Bonafonte, Ufredo Borbol, Washington Sanchez and Daniela Veloz analyzed a preview of the match between Independiente del Valle and Barcelona SC on the third day of Ligapro on Saturday night. rice field.

At that moment, the shaking began. my god! Sanchez says he gets up from his chair, turns his eyes to the ceiling, and begins walking around the set. Famous journalists leave the scene first.

Repeating, “My dear God, my dear God, dear God, no,” Bover refused to move from his place on the sending panel and tried to keep his cool.

Journalist Daniela Bellos was calm at first, but when the shaking got worse, she left the set with her colleagues.

It was Roberto Bonafont who kept his cool and asked his comrades to keep their cool. He remained seated all the time, waiting for his movements to pass and continuing the program.

I hear someone say, “Come see a lawyer.” “No, I’m not leaving,” replies Bonafont.

“Calm down, it’s over. Let’s take a rest. This building is earthquake-resistant, so it moves. So it’s over. The building moves because it’s earthquake-resistant, and that’s why it moves powerfully.” was being recorded.

After the earthquake, all members of the press attended the scene and the program continued.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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