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The 17-year-old’s Eurogoal and a wasted 11m paved the way for Mura to win over Olimpija



Bravo and Koper also have three points

In the last match of the 28th round of the First Telemach League, the players of Mura beat Olimpija 2:1 and inflicted their third defeat in the spring part of the season. In the previous three meetings, Olimpija won twice, and once it was a draw.

Despite their fifth defeat in this year’s championship, they are the leaders dragons still a safe 15 points ahead of Maribor, and Mura kept in touch with the teams fighting for Europe.

In the 12th minute, the people of Ljubljana took the lead at Fazanerija. Mario Kvesic scored from the penalty spot. Referee Alen Borošak pointed to the penalty spot after Kvesić’s cross into the penalty area and Ivan Šarić’s handball after watching the video.

Four minutes later, the 17-year-old equalized with a superb shot from 20 meters under the crossbar after a fine corner kick Niko Kasalo, who was only playing in the first league for the second time, the first time in the starting line-up. 3070 enthusiastic spectators saw a real Eurogoal.

In the 31st minute, Olimpija was close to taking a new lead, but David Sualehe’s beautiful shot from the left from the far side was stopped by the goal post, and Svit Sešlar sent the rebound past the goal from close range. Two minutes later, after breaking into the penalty area, Kvesić also hit the post, and then Rui Pedro shook the net, but he was in a prohibited position, so the goal was disallowed.

However, in the 40th minute, Mura scored the goal in the right way. After Mihael Klepač’s pass from the corner, he jumped the highest in front of the goal Kai Cipot and checkmate Matevža Vidovšek with his head. It was his tenth goal in the first league, the first since August 13.

Kvesić already shot three 11-meter shots in the spring

At the beginning of the second half, Olimpija had a great opportunity to equalize. Srdjan Kuzmic committed a foul for the 11-meter penalty on Kvesić and had to take a shower early due to a red card, the football player from Bosnia and Herzegovina again placed the ball on the penalty spot, but this time he shot past the goal, so it remained at 2:1. After Maribor and Koper, Kvesić scored his third free kick in the spring.

In the 83rd minute, Olimpija’s midfielder received a red card after a foul on Mirlind Daku Agustin Doffowho prevented the Kosovo attacker from getting in front of Vidovšek himself after the counterattack.

Mura, despite playing with one less player for more than half an hour, withstood all the onslaughts of the guests. Alberto Riera’s wards had quite a few opportunities to equalize, but Timi Elšnik twice, Kvesić and Goran Milović did not take advantage of them. Mustafa Nukić also failed to beat the goalkeeper in stoppage time after a pass by Djaloj Aldair Klemna Mihelakaone of the heroes of Sobočani.

Bravo won for the first time since November 6

Bravo defeated Gorica 2:1 in the early afternoon and won for the first time since November 6. The drought lasted as long as 12 matches. In the meantime, the people of Ljubljana found themselves fighting for survival, but now they have knocked out their direct rival from the bottom of the table.

There wasn’t much going on in the first half. The home side’s only real chance was wasted by Beno Selan, who shot in the crowd in the penalty area, but the ball flew over the goal.

It was more lively in the second part. It was started with a bang by Novogorica, who took the lead in the 47th minute. After a pass from Filip Brekal from a free kick, he shook the net with his head Nejc Mevlja. If they roses in Sežana, where they also scored at the beginning of the second half and maintained their lead until the end, but they failed to do so in Spodnja Šiška. Bravo repeated the good game from the second half of the match against Maribor during the week (2:3), for which he was also rewarded this time.

The home team’s first goal in the 54th minute was largely due to David Flakus Bosilj, who received the ball nicely on the right side of the penalty area and sent it into the middle, where he ran Martin Kramarič and sent the ball under the crossbar with a powerful shot. In the 62nd minute, Flakus Bosilj could have put Ljubljana in the lead, but he was clumsy after Selan’s pass from the right side.

Two minutes later, Bravo took the lead. He scored masterfully from distance Tamara Svetlin, who sent the ball into the upper right corner. After that, Kramarič hit the post with a free kick, the hosts then had a few more chances, Kramarič and Svetlin were always dangerous, but the result did not change.

Tamar Svetlin decided the match in Spodnja Šiška.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

Correia the only scorer in Sežana

Last-ranked Tabor Sežana also lost, which had to admit the superiority of Koper in front of the home crowd (0:1). Koper won three away points for the second time this week after winning 0:1 in Murska Sobota on Thursday. In fourth place, they overtook Domžalčani, who now have a point more than them.

Tabor had two good chances to take the lead in the first half. He was in the main role in both Luka Šušnjara, who came to Sežana from Koper in January. First, in the 19th minute, Sacha Marasović made a nice pass to him, but Šušnjar shot over the goal from about eight meters. The second time, he penetrated the right side and passed in front of the goal, where Jakoslav Stanković was a step too slow at the second post.

On the other hand, Koper took the lead in the 32nd minute. After a short pass, he reached the ball about 25 meters from the goal Omar Correia and hit violently, the ball flew just under the crossbar and ended up behind the back of Jan Koprivec.

The people of Sežan didn’t have a real chance to equalize until the 72nd minute, when after a cross from Nabil Khali Šušnjar ran into the penalty area again and had only the goalkeeper Adnan Golubović in front of him, who after his attempt from five meters deflected the ball into the corner. Two minutes later, the home team called for a penalty kick due to alleged handball by the visitors, but the referees did not respond.

At the end of the match, Koper scored another goal, but Luka Kambić was in a prohibited position at the beginning of the action. After his shot and Koprivac’s defense, Thadee Kaleba deflected the ball into his own net. The home team had one last good chance already in stoppage time, but after a mistake by Golubović, neither Kaleb nor Šušnjar were able to do well from close range.

28th round

BRAVO – GORICA 2:1 (0:0)400; Kramarič 54, Svetlin 64; N. Mevlja 47.RK: Andrejašič 82./Gorica

Well done: Orbanić, Kavčič, Katinić, Jakšić, Španring, Flakus Bosilj, Svetlin (90th/Trontelj), Selan, Kramarič, Kurtović, Štor (78th/Bušnja).

Gorica: Dajčar, Agić, Andrejašič, N. Mevlja, Brekalo, Petrović (46./Juncaj), Hrka (78./Baruca), Ankrah, Stankovski (71./Krajnc), Kolobarić (63./Karrica), Velikonja (46. /Vekić).

Judge: Asmir Sagrković (Vrhnika)

CB24 TABOR SEŽANA – DILL 0:1 (0:1)400; Correia 32.

Dill: Golubović, Pavlović, Novoseelec, Mittendorfer, Palčič, Correia, Vešner Tičić (37th/Krajinović), Benedičič (62nd/Milovanović), Fanimo (62nd/Kambic), Požeg Vancaš, Kotnik (74th/Edomwonyi).

CB24 Camp Sežana: Koprivec, Kouao (78./Iscaye), Ovsenek, Kaleba, Briški, Pabai, Korošec (69./Halilović), Ad. Zeljković, Šušnjara, Marasović (78./Mahne Vatovec), Stanković (63./Khali).

Judge: Rade Obrenović (Ljubljana)

WALL – OLYMPIA 2:1 (2:1)3070; Kasalo 16., K. Cipot 40.; Kvesić 12./11-mRK: Kuzmic 48th; Doffo 83. Kvesić shot past the goal from 11 in the 50th minute.

Mura: Mihelak, Sadriu, K. Cipot, Kobie Morris, Kuzmic, Maruško, Tripi (58./Šimkus; 88./Petković), Kasalo (58./Balažic), Šarić (58./Žličić), Klepač (58./Kous ), Dak.

Olympia: Vidovšek, Crnomarković, Ratnik, Sualehe (68./Aldair), Krefl (27./Krdžalić), Estrada, Doffo, Elšnik, Kvesić (80./Nukić), Sešlar (80./Milović), Rui Pedro (68./ Bristrić).

Judge: Alen Borošak (Lower Duplek)

Saturday:KALCER RADOMLJE – MARIBOR 1:1 (1:1)400; Sokler 10.; Ilicic 38. RK: Dobrovoljc 76./Radomlje

CELJE – DOMŽALE 1:0 (0:0)400; Let’s go 78.

OLIMPIJA          28 20  3  5 50:28 63
MARIBOR           28 14  6  8 57:34 48
CELJE             28 13  8  7 38:31 47
KOPER             28 12  7  9 37:26 43
DOMŽALE           28 11  9  8 41:33 42
MURA              28 10 11  7 40:34 41
BRAVO             28  7  6 15 27:32 27
KALCER RADOMLJE   28  5 11 12 24:48 26
GORICA            28  4 10 14 24:42 22
CB24 TABOR SEŽANA 28  3 11 14 24:54 20

Source: Rtvslo

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