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Carlo Ancelotti: ‘We didn’t win because of a questionable offside’



Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has assured the players that the game was “perfect” and said they failed to win the Camp Nou Spotify Classico (Barça 2-1). For offside they still have ‘doubts’ for that goal which was ruled out by VAR to Marco Asensio.

“It seems strange to me to do 5 changes in 60 years. I changed it twice in the beginning and then made the last change to add some energy. Offside is still questionable,” he said at a press conference.

“We’re going to Madrid not 100% sure, suspecting offside. We lost the game, but we don’t know if offside is true. We’re leaving with that suspicion. But if VAR was right.” True, better, qualified, in this sense.

Ancelotti declared he didn’t deserve to lose. “After the Super Cup match (3-1 defeat) there was a suspicion that the match was not good at all. Today, after a match like this, with a difficult field and a difficult opponent, there can be no doubts. “It’s a game, so the result is worth it, but I honestly don’t think we deserved to lose today.”

And despite being 12 points behind Barça after the Clásico, he didn’t give up LaLiga.“We are more disadvantaged and more difficult than before this match, but this does not mean that we will play each match to the fullest. We will fight for La Liga. I will,” he assured.

“Today we made a change in character, not in the draw. The change gave the team momentum. We tried everything in the 70th minute, played fast, scored (Asensio was disallowed). The game was good. I won,” he said. Still, he lamented that VAR decision.

As for the dressing room, he assured them they were “sad and hurt” after this Clásico“But I’m proud of the games the team played. If we plan games like this, we can win something for the rest of the season. This is true. We’re going to finish the season well.” he predicted.

“We can prepare well for the rest of the season and finish the season well. It was a very good game, the changes were very good, and the coach made very good changes, so I decided to take this game. I’m very proud of the team, to have a lot of confidence and go all the way to the finals in all competitions,” he concluded.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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