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Double crown for Cambridge at the prestigious rowing showdown



Parish: These are my best moments

Cambridge rowers won the 168th prestigious match between British universities in a match with Oxford. It was their 86th win, leaving Oxford on 81. In 1877 there was no winner after a tie.

Cambridge it is celebrated a double victory on the Thames, as their oarsmen were also better than Oxford. Cambridge it is won the prestigious test for the fourth time in the last five editions. Better it is was still in 2018, 2019 and 2021.

In 2020 it is the competition was completely canceled due to the new coronavirus pandemic, while in 2021, due to safety reasons in connection with the Hammersmith Bridge, a shortened course was rowed on the Great Ousa in Cambridgeshire.

After last year the role of favorites was justified by the rowers of Oxford, it is this time even their university rivals managed to do it, who celebrated with a poor boat-length lead. This time there were no records due to a more turbulent Thames.

A flood of emotions it is was exceptional after crossing the finish line, nothing can compare to that,” it is the coxswain said after the end, as quoted by the BBC Jasper Parish. “These are the most beautiful moments in my life, I will remember them forever,” it is added.

This one it is according to the BBC made the decisive move after it is on the stretch in Fulham the boat steered closer to the edge and thus in calmer waters. With that it is gained an extra half a boat length of advantage, already it is Cambridge controlled the course of the race and was in the lead for most of the 6.8km course.

The Oxford rowers also dealt with Felix’s poor health during the competition Drinkall. The young rower had to be taken to the hospital after the ordeal, but it is According to the Guardian, he is conscious and will remain there for observation.

Cambridge rowers won the women’s event for the sixth time in a row and increased their historical lead to 47 wins to 30. They have been undefeated since 2016.

Source: Rtvslo

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