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Italian outlet compares ‘magico’ Gonzales to Maradona, Totti, Kvaratzgelia and George Best



Jorge "Magic" González Idol of Cadiz Spain / DEM Archives - Cadiz CF

Jorge ‘Magico’ González Idol of Cadiz, Spain / DEM Archives – Cadiz CF

A footballer with the speed of dribbling and Kvaratzgelia in the Strait, the imagination of Maradona, the scoring nose of Messi, the ballistic qualities of Totti and the taste of spin (especially the elastic ones, he is considered a teacher). Please try to imagine.George Best (no alcohol) and Get a global idea of ​​who Jorge Alberto Gonzalez Barrillas, popularly known as ‘Magico’ Gonzalez, was in the history of football.

Considered to be the strongest El Salvadoran player, Besides being one of the most imaginative players in football history,If Maradona had said he was “from another galaxy” and on the field he was a striker who could put defenders in danger.

He had the only success of his career with club Deportivo FAS, (4 championships in our country and the CONCACAF Champions League), he established himself in Europe with small Cadiz, rejecting offers from important clubs and showing off his class on several occasions. After returning to his homeland, soccer was pure entertainment until he was 41 years old.

“El Mago” decided to calmly accept the proposal of Cadiz, a small club that was a member of the Second Division., and went to Andalusia. In fact, González caught the attention of Camilo Liz, the historical technical secretary of the Spanish club, and the club added seven million pesetas to the Deportivo FAS coffers, and in 1983 even more. Deposited 12 million pesetas to keep the player in Spain.

He made his debut in a pre-season friendly against Trebuhena CF and made his competitive debut on 6 September in a 1–1 league draw at home to Murcia.He soon began to delight the Cadiz fans with his rich repertoire of spectacular moves: tunnels, tight dribbles, flying heels, free-kick goals, speed underfoot, as well as the rubber he mastered. A charming breakaway on the ball. Enough to make even the most skeptical of Cádiz roll their eyes and rename it ‘Magic’.

In his first season in the Second Division González scored 14 goals in 33 appearances, helping Cádiz to second place and being promoted to the First Division at the end of the year.

Fans worship him so much that they erect a statue of him in Cádiz and consider him their idol.On Sundays they go to the stadium to enjoy the “Magic” game, and I have no problem admitting it.

In 1984, after relegation, He toured the US in the summer with Barcelona and had the chance to play for the team alongside Diego Armando MaradonaThe two are charming on the pitch and speak the same language. ‘Ilpivedeoro’ has always considered the Salvadoran attacking midfielder to be one of the best he has played with in his career.

His life and team career at Cádiz continues to be divided between history and legend. Indeed, the team always remained in La Liga, and in the returning season he scored 6 goals in 32 appearances. Scored against Racing de Santander, including what is considered the most beautiful of all.

In preparation The action is reminiscent of Kvaracgelia’s goal in the Napoli shirt against Atalanta.: “Magicco” starts off with the ball quickly, reaches the right edge of the box, turns abruptly, pounces on the first opponent, escapes through the tunnel for 1 second, to escape a rushing swipe tackle. Move the ball quickly to the right. of the third defender. All within a few meters of space.

At that moment, even in precarious balance, he pulls a spoon out of the cylinder from the edge of the area and surprises the unstoppable goalkeeper (in the case of Kvaratskeria) Conclusions that force under the crossbar reach the center of the opposite side instead).

a beautiful goal It remains in the collective imagination of the people of Cádiz and is never forgotten.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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