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Chess aims to be top 2 in Central America with debut at the game in 2023



With the national team ready, Chess hopes to make a good debut at the San Salvador 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games, which will take place from 23 June to 8 July. They hope to finish in the top two in the Central America zone and face strong rivals like Ecuador, Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela.

Chess began preparations last year and developed two internal competitions for selecting teams. The Absolute Blitz Circuit and the Women’s 2023 Classified by FIDE Masters. Serina Palacios and international teacher Lemnis Arias, as well as international teacher Jorge Girón and teacher candidate Marielos Vázquez agreed on Active Circuit.

2022 National Champion Andrea Cortés was unable to attend the match due to academic reasons. In this sense, chess makes its first attempt at a tournament of this magnitude, managed by the late Jorge Vega, president of the American Chess Federation, and Yamil Bukele, president of the Games Organizing Committee. .

“In fact, it is a challenge for us because we will be playing against the strongest teams in Central America and the Caribbean. I dare say Cuba is one of the strongest countries in Latin America, so it is a big challenge. But I bet on the women’s team, and we bet on both teams.

Zometa said he tried to register with the Olympic Committee of El Salvador to attend the games, but eventually won the breakdancing battle.

Chess is on the agenda in preparation for participating in the men’s and women’s continental championships. The men’s division will be held in the Dominican Republic from May 14th to 26th, while the women’s division will also be held in Havana, Cuba in May. In addition, Zometa said he has other projects to raise the level of athletes.

“We have approved a project to place Grandmasters here to guide them, improve their concentration and help athletes acquire better knowledge. Here we are referring to Grandmasters of Chess, because “Because we don’t have that rank here. But they are so highly rated, it’s up to you to look and see who’s available,” Zometa pointed out.

“In Central America, there was one in Costa Rica, two, but the other was nationalized as an American, so it’s very difficult to get one that has a good reference, such as a history of success. I We haven’t chosen a nationality yet.It’s hard to ask a board member, nor a grandmaster who can come here without class or competition issues,” he added.

Zometa believes this rank of ‘grandmaster’ is close to the ‘elite’ despite his age, Carlos Ibarra of nine-year-old Santiago Guevara, Carlos Ibarra, Jorge Giron and Carlos Morales. . Federation managers have sent a message to those who plan to support the sport at the 2023 Games.

“For us, it’s quite a commitment, because when we’re at home, everybody wants to win. We ask people who want to come on our stage, like a lot of people paint a picture, why Come to understand why chess is not boring.You can understand chess once in 15 minutes and even more complicated plays in 15 minutes.It’s not a difficult sport on a fun level, but it’s a healthy sport.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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