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Brian Tamakas after Neymar fight: ‘He smells good, you always want to hug him’



Bryan Tamacus of the El Salvador team said in an interview on the YouTube channel “Sólo una platica”: His experience after playing against Neymar and Brazil in a friendly match at FedEx Field in the United States on 11 September 2018 favored Verde Amarella over the selectors 5–0.

First of all, Tamakas admitted that the Paris Saint-Germain star had a pretty strong lotion essence that was rubbed into the Salvadoran player. I wanted to hug him and not let him go.”

National team players confess before match against Brazil He pondered Neymar’s dribbling ability and how to counteract it.

“The movie starts at night and Neymar stops and starts threatening you. What am I going to do if that devil stops me like this? Away from there, ‘from Neymar we had Richarlison, Coutinho, Alex Sandro and Casemiro,’ said the United Soccer League (USL) Oakland Roots footballer.

Tamacus also said The Brazilian star was not as strong in contrast to the physical complexion of Casemiro and Eder Militán who were at Real Madrid at the time. “I think playing against Neymar is the same as when I made physical contact here. Neymar is light, but Casemiro is a rock. Neymar’s change the pace is good, the way they play first, they play from memory, just a few touches and they were already on the other side and put you a cross ”.

Tamakas said he spoke with Neymar throughout the game, complaining about his departure from Barcelona.

“I was talking to Neymar the whole game. I complained to him first because he left Barcelona. I told him why he stopped playing with Messi. He just said I laughed and touched my back and I told him I had to come back and it can’t be like that and then he makes a mistake in the video lifting me up,” he said. I got

The Salvadoran footballer told an anecdote that happened after the game. Neymar promised to exchange shirts with Tamacus. But in the end, Arturo Alvarez stayed with her, and even though he met the Brazilian again and asked for a shirt, he couldn’t get it.

“I asked Neymar for a shirt. He said yes, but my mistake was not asking him for a shirt in the first half. Then I asked Neymar for a shirt. He tunneled. I was going to give him my shirt out of respect, so when I waited, Neymar arrived without a shirt, Arturo (Alvarez) took it off on the pitch, and our Some people took pictures there.I was waiting for his shirt and he said he would send me the shirt.I have been waiting for a long time.Waiting for Neymar So please exchange shirts with whoever you want.”

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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