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Which fan exchanged Alianza’s FAS uniform to help those affected by the flood?



Ligia Elisabeth Rivas, fan of CD FAS

Ligia Elisabeth Rivas, fan of CD FAS

Ligia Elisabeth Rivas is a fan of CD FAS, who calls herself a doctor and who died of suffocation on the pitch due to a crowd at the Sol General entrance of the Cuscatlan Stadium during the Clausura 2023 quarter-finals. I had to wear Alianza’s shirt to help. A match between Arbos and Tigrilos.

In an interview with Fanaticos Plus, Rivas commented on his experience providing medical assistance to fans. “I really appreciate and respect all the comments that I didn’t expect to be so media on social networks. It was service, exercising the gifts.” Nothing special was done about the Holy Spirit, wisdom, or intelligence. Because many other colleagues I know would have done the same if they had been there. I’m a fan of those who doubted or didn’t think of CD FAS. that “.

Fans of Santaneca commented that she was part of it. Division Headquarters of the Sub-Central Health Region, as well as Director of the Santiago Nonuarco Health Unit, Rivas said he had resigned from his friends to focus on other projects and personal pursuits, despite calls from his friends to return to their positions.

Rivas said he hadn’t witnessed Alianza and the FAS party 10 years ago. However, her family persuaded her to return, citing changes in football education in El Salvador. “I was in the audience and I was sharing with a few friends of the Alliance. That was the example. My state was holding ‘Tigritus and the Elephantes.’ Children with weapons and I’m very impressed with the influx of pregnant women I said we’re evolving maybe I was on the football theme 10 years ago it gave me a sense of security I did.”

The doctor commented that he was able to enter the country after loudly clarifying his profession thanks to Alianza FC’s team of journalists. There was a drunk Alianza fan on the pitch and they advised him not to wear the FAS shirt.. An Ocelot fan said Andrés Orellana gave her the shirt so she could help the victims.

“It was a tragedy. My condolences to those who sadly lost their families. We were all going to have fun. I hope this sets a precedent and that it never happens again. I am awake.” First, it’s human trauma.” “This is shocking. We already have a lot of mental health debt. It was a target and hopefully it will be addressed,” Dr. Rivas said.

The fan recalled not realizing what was going on until he zoomed in on his phone’s camera to see it was a flood of women with children in their arms. “I want to congratulate the players who have joined,” she said.

the doctor said There were not many paramedics available to cover those affected by the human influx.

“I have to say that there weren’t the right number of medical personnel for the scale of what happened. Some were stable, some were bleeding, some had internal tissue bleeding. It was a terrible scene, we have strong experience,” lamented Dr. Rivas.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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