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Lisandro Paul: “If UMO were there, tragedy could have been avoided”



Lisandro Paul, former sports manager

Lisandro Paul, former sports manager

Last Saturday, May 20th, will go down in Salvadoran’s memory as the country’s worst sporting tragedy. In the Clausura 2023 quarter-final second leg match between Alianza and FAS, a man-made charge killed 12 people and injured more than 100, although the exact cause is still under investigation.

In light of this situation, Lisandro Paul, former president of Alianza FC, has made a strong statement about all aspects of logistical failure from his point of view. “What surprised me was that Alianza had so many years of experience, and with so many people, I didn’t expect the Order Keeping Forces (UMO) to be there. And we all know we’re keeping an eye on UMO.”

Paul also pointed out that the Arvo team would need to reach a mediation agreement with the family and urged sports bodies to take a “more proactive stance” in the face of the situation.

“All Alianza has to do is reconcile the family, that’s what they should do,” Paul said.

“I spoke with the manager and advised him that it was best to keep his head down and accept the consequences. You are showing insensitivity to all your fans from the bottom of your heart,” he added.

others, In his self-criticism, he noted that sweeping changes must be made in the field at the leadership level.. “Unless we completely shake this football, all the pieces will come back together, so that will not change. FESFUT is here to lay the groundwork to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.”

He also criticized the position of the Commission for Normalization, chaired by Humberto Sáenz Marinero.
“They don’t do anything, which I don’t understand. What are you doing here sitting around waiting for a famous decree to be enacted?” he concluded. .

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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