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Roglič: I’m still in the game and I’m happy with that



Sepp Kuss helped limit the loss

Was it just a bad day or the true state of Primož Roglič? We will get the answer from Thursday to Saturday in two mountain stages and a time trial, which will give the final winner of the Giro. In Jumbu Visma, they admit that they got a slap in the face, but the last km gives them hope.

After the defeat on the 16th stage, in which he lost 25 seconds to his direct rivals Graint Thomas and Joao Almeida, Roglič was rarely spoken. After arriving at the finish line, the man from Kisov immediately rushed to the doping control, where he stayed for almost an hour. He then rushed to his family, greeted its members including the chosen Lora and the two children, and rushed to the club van. In a quick statement on the way to the car, he said he was still in the game.

He said that what happened in today’s stage did not surprise him. “No, I wasn’t surprised, because I’m not the only one racing here.” Roglič still feels it consequences of a fall in the eleventh stage. “Like I said, I’m still recovering. I certainly wish I was 100%, but on the other hand I’m still in the game and I’m happy with that,Roglič told the Dutch cycling podcast In Hiet Wiel.

It’s not something we expected before today’s stage, but it is what it is. However, there is still a long way to go before the end of the race, there are two more difficult stages on Thursday and Friday. Sepp Kuss did an excellent job, I think that without him, Primož’s gap would have been a little bigger. Primož was also very strong in the last kilometer and with the help of Sepp he limited the loss,” he said Marc Reefsports director of Jumba Visma.

The heroes of the stage were of course satisfied. “To was a very difficult day with many climbs. I’m happy with the outcome. I found myself ahead of Almeida, but he was better in the sprint. He didn’t surprise me, I know he’s a great rider and a great competitor in the fight for the pink jersey,” he said immediately after the stage Thomas.

This victory is special, it’s a dream come true. I felt good and the team was awesome. We worked together with Thomas to gain seconds before Roglič, but my main goal was to win the stage. I try to improve day by day to become the best version of myself,” he said Almeida.

Source: Rtvslo

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