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Chilean moribund reaches Makalu summit: ‘The scariest day of my life’



Chilean businessman Hernan Leal managed to reach the summit of Makalu, one of the 8,000 climbs, while on the brink of death.

Hernan Real Barrientos Chilean businessman and mountain enthusiast, experience on May 15 amazing and traumatic Experience in the Mahalangur region of the Himalayas.

His immense passion for mountaineering has led him to countless peaks, including two summits of Everest (Tibet and Nepal routes). Makalu , 5th highest mountain Earth at an altitude of 8,463 meters.

The founder of multinational Fastco, one of the region’s most important contact center companies, has managed to rise to the top of one of the ‘8,000 companies’. But his feat he put him on the brink of death .

“I reached the summit on May 15th, and there were many things that could have made this expedition possible. tragedy . We left with the confidence that the weather was in our favor,” he began.

“They said to us from Chile,” within limits And the base camp manager made sure his weather forecast was good. Enjoy your summit. We were 8: Justin, Romanian. Prakriti, from India. Lucas, from the Czech Republic. Daniela, from Israel. Me and three Sherpas,” Lille added.

He added that some of the inconveniences he had had were: Some safety ropes were covered with snow , because of which I was 30 minutes late. And that’s where the problems started.

“At 1am on May 15th we arrived at Camp 4 at an altitude of 7,800m.It was very cold and it was still snowing. there was a Korean climber on the brink of death , a Sherpa lying down unable to move, and another lead Sherpa who was fine but in great pain. Sonam, my Sherpa and friend who guides me, halved the hot water I brought from Camp 3. So they recovered,” he said.

After the gesture, however, Real asserted that they had continued to aim for the summit until 3am. It snowed again fixed rope. Within hours they managed to find them. They had already reached an altitude of 8000 meters.

As the situation worsened, the Israeli woman decided to call off her mission and return to Camp 3. Businessmen said the wind was over 50 kilometers per hour.

and they arrived. “It took just 15 minutes to reach the top We knew we had already crossed the 12:00 am barrier, so it was wise to descend to Camp 3 while it was still light, but around 3:00 pm, fog appeared and we could not see anything, only about 5 meters away. was.We were over 8,000 in the middle of the crack without looking at fixed strings 1 more time. Our GPS had a dead battery and was frozen, and satellite communication was not possible due to fog. imminent danger ” he pointed out.

Real reported that when they radioed for help, the response from the expedition’s people (the company in charge) was their Sherpas. they were tired and I couldn’t do that because of visibility go to the rescue .


Lille’s team knew the rescue was suicidal.Time passed and they ran out of water and oxygen they used it minimally Down, but there’s that risk frozen .

Real then continued. “My Sherpa Sonam, who accompanies me, goes out to find a way in the middle of the mist. There were only 6 of us descending (Indian, Czech, 2 Sherpas and myself). we knew we could die ”.

They reached Camp 3 at 11:30 pm and spent more than 25 hours near the death zone at an altitude of 8,000 meters. “I thought many times about calling my family on the satellite phone and saying goodbye. It was the scariest day of my life, thanks to Sonam, an Indian, a Czech, a Chilean, a Nepali and two Sherpas who never gave up and kept me alive,” he said.

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Source: Biobiochile

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