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Czech in the wet circuit 68.67 m; Čurin Praprotnik 10.29 at 100 m



Great jump by Neja Filipič

World champion Kristjan Čeh won the discus throw with a score of 68.67 at the opening match of the Telekom Slovenije international league in Ptuj.

The 24-year-old achieved a new top result despite the wet lap for the throw. The competition started in warm weather and sunny weather, but the weather became more and more gloomy and in the second series of the meta discus, it started to rain. After the fourth, the rain stopped, but the circuit was in less than ideal condition.

The Czech started with 65.74 m, in the second he did not spin all the way in the throw circle, 66.97 m was aimed at him in the third series, in the fourth the tool landed outside the sector. In the fifth heat, he threw 65.90 and finished with 68.67 meters.

It was slipping, I couldn’t use the power like I could have. Despite the good result, they are still big reserves. I was afraid of injury, so I performed very carefully, but still completely competitively. In front of home fans, family and friends who were in the stands, I rarely perform,” said the Czech.

He then described the situation in more detail. “The circuit was not serviced, there was dust in it and it was slimy after the rain. So I had no grip. It was in the warm-up before the rain excellent, I threw 71 m. But it is true, the weather is not good everywhere, it is also rainy and windy. From throw to throw, I got more and more used to such conditions, which can also happen at the WC in Budapest, and it’s nice that I also took advantage of such conditions today,” added the Czech.

Neja Filipič improved her personal record in the long jump by 6.61 meters and came close to the national mark (6.78) and is now the third best Slovenian woman to date.

A dream start to the season, I haven’t jumped so well outdoors for a long time, I had a personal record in the indoor so far. This is a good motivation, but this year, in addition to the triple jump, I also trained a little for distance, and you can tell by the result. Although I haven’t yet rest, I am very well prepared. My mental state was improving with better wind conditions. The last jump was technically the best, I had problems in the previous ones with position of the body on the push-off board. Once I fix that, I’ll be even more successfulFilipič said.

He took care of the third highlight of the day Anej Čurin Prapotnikwho ran 10.29 seconds in the 100m on his twentieth birthday and is now the fourth fastest Slovenian of all time. He was only behind the times of the record holder Matic Osovnikar, 10.13 he achieved at the WC in 2007 in Osaka, where he ran in the final, and behind the result of 10.21 seconds, which are the personal records of Urban Acman (in 1998). and Jan Žumra (in 2006).

Home ground, a little help from the wind, it all ‘came together’ on my birthday. But it could be even faster. My main goal for the season is the EP for younger members in Finland, but I definitely want to get at least as close to Osovnikar, I still have a lot reserves,” said Čurin Prapotnik.

Source: Rtvslo

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