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These three teams were promoted to the second division without winning the championship.



CD Inca, one of the teams promoted to the second division

CD Inca, one of the teams promoted to the second division

The Salvadoran Football Federation (FESFUT) won the Apertura 2022 title despite three teams applying for promotion to the Second Division: Santiagueño de Santiago de María, Usultán and FC Laureles. The application was dismissed on the grounds that The Middle East Zone and the Midwest Zone respectively in the 3rd Specialty Division.

The FESFUT regularization committee announced on May 16 that the three teams with the most points in the third division standings, following the administrative relegation of Marte Soyapango, Ilopango FC and Atlético Sonsonate. A letter has been issued confirming one CD Inca, Fuerte Aguilares and Atlético Sonsonate. Cruzeiro de San Vicente are promoted to the second division.

Regular risers are based on Article 38 of the Competition Standards. “If there are different champions for each zone (west and east), ie both the opening tournament and the Clausura tournament determine the champion for each season,” they will be promoted to the second division. “
The FESFUT provisions state that “in the event of further vacancies, the general cumulative table for each assignment shall be taken into account and the parameters laid down in Article 38 of the Competition Standards shall be taken into account.”

Three teams to be promoted are currently competing in the quarter-finals of the third division. The first leg will take place next weekend. Fuerte Aguilares travels to AD Espartano and FC Los Laureles to face Talleres JR de Chalatenango. For the Inca, he has already played his first match of the match, where he lost 4-2 against Atlas.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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