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FESFUT says clubs must present safety measures to resume Clausura 2023



Alianza vs FAS match - 12 deaths in tragedy, relief forces, deaths, rescue special forces, PNC personnel, Cuscatlan stadium -

Alianza vs FAS match – 12 deaths in tragedy, relief forces, deaths, rescue special forces, PNC personnel, Cuscatlan stadium –

El Salvador Football Federation Regularization Commission (FESFUT) published on social networks Extensive statement referring to various points such as the reopening issue of the Clausura 2023 tournament The match was interrupted in the quarter-final stage after a violent incident that killed 12 people at the Cuscatlan stadium last Saturday.

“The federation is facilitating a dialogue between clubs in the first division in order to examine various viable alternatives so that the most appropriate decisions can be made about the immediate future of the current championship. There are,” the statement said. Fesft.

“In any case, the expectation is that, so far, without the aforementioned safety devices, alternatives will have to ensure the safety of fans and stadium officials, as a first priority.” he said. Added.

Regularizer also states:They will conduct a thorough review of FESFUT’s competitive infrastructure and implement solutions that can prevent tragedy. Like the Cuscatlan stadium. “These will focus on implementing fundamental measures to ensure the safety of sporting venues.”

“Among these are the ban on drinking alcohol, access controls, stadium entry times, the appointment of a sports commissioner and compliance with international standards at stadiums,” the statement said.

Another section the Regularizer touched on is conversations with FIFA and Concacaf. Both “provide sports safety training to relevant clubs and officials” It mandated safety inspections of sports venues to ensure they meet the standards required to host matches at national and international level. “

On the last point, FESFUT touched on the issue of the INDES statement, which called on the Regalizers to carry out the tasks entrusted to them by FIFA nine months agobecause it is impossible to avoid a situation like the one that happened last Saturday, May 20, “unless we update the statutes or create new regulations.”

“Amendments to the FESFUT Ordinance have nothing to do with the tragic events of May 20. The statutes of the federation deal only with the internal structure and only describe the rights and obligations of the members and the purposes and objectives of the federation,” the statement said. said.

“As part of FIFA’s mandate, apart from reviewing the Regulations, the Standards Committee has the task of reviewing, where appropriate, all Regulations relating to football, and we have fulfilled this task and will continue to do so in accordance with the Regulations. I will continue my mission.” “Instructions. Specific information provided by FIFA” will be added to the notification.

Regularizer said they’ll be in ‘perfect temperament’ Cooperate with authorities, including the public prosecutor’s office and the police, in the investigation of the violence that occurred at the Cuscatlan Stadium.Similarly, according to the FESFUT Competition Bases, local clubs are responsible for coordinating security inside and outside the match.

“Clarifies that local league matches are governed exclusively by the Laws of the Game, as there are no FIFA rules applicable to this effect,” the statement read.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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