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Criminologist: ‘We warned about 2013 tragedy, but FESFUT didn’t listen’



Ricardo Sosa Criminologist

Ricardo Sosa Criminologist

Criminologist Ricardo Sosa said in an interview with the TV show Fanaticos Plus that he had been warning of possible tragedies due to lack of preventive planning at sports venues since 2013.

“My first reaction to this incident was silence. I know I’ve been warning you about this since 2013, but I knocked on FESFUT’s door and they didn’t listen,” he said. rice field.

“In 2013, I published my first study containing vulnerabilities, flaws and respective recommendations and addressed it to Mr. Jorge Cabrera Rajo, who was president of the First Division,” he said. added.

Sosa said the president of the first division agreed with the study, but insisted it would need the approval of all league leaders.

“He agreed, but told me that he would need the approval of all the presidents of the league. I could tell he was focused on looking at his phone and I knew he wasn’t interested so I left,” he claimed.

With this in mind, the criminologist said it was a subject of interest “even for free.”

“It’s a subject they’re not interested in even if it’s free,” he asserted.

Sosa, meanwhile, said the entrance door where the tragedy happened was an “old door” compared to the stall’s and therefore did not meet technical standards.

“The doors of the Cuscatlan stadium on the east side of the tragedy do not meet the technical standards because they are old gates and doors, unlike those of Platea,” he said.

Finally, he said the league’s first division was “full of communication”.

“It’s a league full of speeches. It’s like a race to see who speaks first,” he said.

Twelve Alianza fans were killed last Saturday after a crowd broke out in the general sun area of ​​the Cuscatlan stadium during the match between ‘Arvos’ and Club Deportivo FAS.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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