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Darling Alfaro: “I’m the only girl competing in sailing, but I’m going to compete in San Salvador”



Darling Flowers (Candle) 13112022_05 (1)

Darling Flowers (Candle) 13112022_05 (1)

Salvadoran sailor Darrin Alfaro, just 18 years old, will make her debut at the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador from June 23 to July 8, 2023. His home is Lake Ilopango. She is from Hoya Grande and will represent her to win a medal at the regional competition.

This athlete sat down with Diario El Mundo to share his unique story of how he came to know the sport and how he grew up. Darling is an example that if you want it, you can do it.

“I’ve been practicing for four years. If I stay in the top three, I’ll qualify for the Pan American Games in Santiago (Chile 2023),” said the Salvadoran.

“I feel happy to be in my country. I feel your support. I feel more nervous than when I am in another country. I did,” he added.

Darling said he didn’t know the sport at first, his mother instilled in him the habit. “I had no idea, I didn’t even know it existed. I learned about this sport through my mother. ‘And I stayed there, that was four years ago, before the pandemic hit, I was about 14 years old.

“My mother organized this event, it was like a camp, and she said, ‘Look, the sailors are coming. I didn’t know. I just knew nothing else was coming.” So she said to me, “Well, I’ll send it.” I mean, if she didn’t go, I don’t think she would have ever known this sport,” she added.

darling Surrounded by male colleagues, she is the only girl in her category who trains in this sport. To which he said this would be a better preparation. Because this will give him courage and he will learn different techniques that his classmates teach him every day.

“Before, because I was the only woman, I felt lonely and unfamiliar at times. When I was sailing alone, I would compete with a few people who demanded a lot from me. But in spite of everything, even though I’m on top of the world, I’m always the only girl on board, I always feel that way,” Darling said.

One of the Cuscatoreca sailor’s most emotional moments 2022 Bolivar Games in Valledupar, Colombia There he was able to leave the country for the first time.

The athlete commented that her entire family has always supported her journey through the sport. His mother and father give him advice that he has taken to heart throughout his career.

Darling is clear. One of his goals is to top the podium at the San Salvador Games and win his one of his three medals specifically dedicated to his family. “I dedicate myself to my family because they support me and I love them so much,” he said.

Having seized the opportunity in a life of training surrounded by gentlemen, supported by her mother, the Salvadoran woman will aim to make El Salvador a household name at the next 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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