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Darwin Selene: ‘We sympathize with the family’s pain, but this decision affects all footballers’



Darwin Selene, CD Aguila player

Darwin Selene, CD Aguila player

The First Division’s decision to cancel the Clausura 2023 tournament after last Saturday’s tragedy at the Cuscatlan stadium has been a boon for major league footballers, especially CD Aguila, who finished as a superleader and won the championship. It was unacceptable. First match of the championship quarterfinals.

Some footballers reacted on social networks. Miguel to team midfielder Darwin Selene, published two tweets denouncing the decision of the first division. “I fully understand the pain of all the families who have suffered such misfortune in the world of football and I join them. I’m also starting to think about football players and their families.”

In a second tweet, Selene pointed to the fact that relegation teams are determined, but not tournament champions. “How can it be that there are no champions in decline? How is this? Stop playing our football, and the food of so many people. How are you doing, nothing will happen?” yeah.”

As for him Aguila starting goalkeeper Rafael Garcia, was expressed only by the word “cannot be presented” to the first decision. Meanwhile, some CD FAS players also spoke up. “Many players’ and fans’ jobs have gone to hell because of the decisions of some players,” said Tigrilo defender Roberto Dominguez.

Other players, such as CD Aguila’s Brian Pass and Wilson Rugama, also spoke out.

FAS winger Kevin Ardon
posted on his Twitter account, “A player’s worth and job doesn’t matter when he serves only for business. Now that I think about it, who really supports that player?” Like all people, we have financial responsibilities in our daily lives. In the Colosseum, command whoever has the heaviest finger. ”

he Isidro Metapan, midfielder Diego Gregori, He accused those affected of paying the Pied Piper. “As always, those responsible wash their hands, those affected pay double, demand results as players, and use cheap excuses when they have to take responsibility for their actions. hide in.”

National team coach Mizal Alfaro also commented on the first division decision. “And with these decisions we continue to kill football in the doldrums. They have invested in some great tournaments and have a desire to keep working and get decent salaries from all. Some people keep going, so they don’t understand the needs and expenses of others.” Workers. ”

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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