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Players call for the continuation of the Clausura 2023 tournament



First division footballers have called for the FESFUT regularization committee and others to resume the Clausura 2023 tournament, which was canceled following the tragedy last Saturday that killed 12 people in an unprovoked assault at the Cuscatlan stadium. I appealed to the major league authorities. The access from the sports venue to Sol General is very crowded.

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The players released a letter last Wednesday saying workers’ rights had not been “respected” after major league leaders decided to end the tournament in a “drastic” and “hurried” manner. was It wasn’t included in those decisions, but even if it wasn’t, the players would have offered a solution to the situation.

“This will not be a radical decision to cancel the tournament and abandon the work and efforts of all of us who have participated, but through several alternatives that can be implemented if there is a will of all. I believe we can do it,” said Águila player Gerson Mayen in front of the media.

“We are not experts in security matters, nor do we claim to be. The evidence is that we have a concert scheduled in about a month,” Cascatlan said, adding that the call for people could be even louder than a football match. “

Attorney Alex Portillo.  /DEM

Attorney Alex Portillo. /DEM

without paying attention.

The players arrived at the FESFUT facility with their lawyer, Alex Portillo, for a meeting with the regularization committee, but for various reasons they were not present. In it, the football players were supposed to request that the tournament continue so as not to hurt them financially, as the players were collecting their salaries until yesterday.

That situation is expected to change for Portillo, as the contracts signed by the players do not comply with FIFA rules, which allow footballers to receive their salaries outside of matches.

Regular risers will serve players on Monday 29th

The players’ lawyer, Alex Portillo, said at a press conference yesterday that the FESFUT regularization committee will not be able to attend the agreed meeting at 3pm, but has set a new date. “We convened the regularization committee at 3:00 pm because we wanted to take the words expressed by Mr. Gerson directly to the committee and see the possibility of exploring ways to mitigate the impact of this decision unfortunately. I was called on Monday morning even though I was unable to attend due to agenda and commitment issues. ”

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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