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Ibsen Castro: 2nd and 3rd divisions will continue to play but safety is not guaranteed



FAS/CD FAS Ibsen Castro

FAS/CD FAS Ibsen Castro

Club Deportivo FAS and El Salvador defender Ibsen Castro spoke at the press conference following the conclusion of Clausura 2023 following the tragic death of 12 Alianza fans at the Cuscatlan stadium on May 20.

“We are up in the air on the decisions they make. Therefore, we suggest to the regularization committee that this never happen again, because there are many solutions. All we can suggest is A solution abroad, because that’s impossible, ‘you can’t play with the public here,’ he said.

“I’ll give you an example of why matches are held based on the conditions of the 2nd and 3rd division venues. Also, the tournament continues even though the safety required for the 1st division league has not been ensured. It is,” he added.

The FAS Champion wants to meet with the FESFUT Regularization Committee to “consider” how the tournament should continue.

“Having been stuck in ignorance, we hope to continue the championship and call out that if there is an effort to reverse the decisions they have made, we are ready to listen to any changes. I was there.”

Castro’s request is backed up by Part One’s rules of the game, which say tournaments must have a winner and a runner-up.

“Our wish is for the tournament to end because there is no championship yet. I think the competition venues say yes or yes there must be a champion. Same rules on a competition basis. So I think it’s been said that there must be a champion,” he explained, “why the winner and runner-up made such a drastic decision.”

Ibsen Castro classified the decision as “extremely drastic” and assured him there was “time to spare” to finish the tournament and prepare for the Selector’s Gold Cup.

“This decision was very drastic because there is a stipulated time for the selection to start and we are effectively canceling Wednesday and Saturday’s games. Only the two remaining semi-finalists will was absent and had effectively three games remaining.If time permits, the tournament may continue only if a decision has been made before the decision was given, even if Even if we have an answer, I think we can afford to leave on time.”

Clausura 2023 was in the quarter-final stage when it was interrupted by the First Division and FESFUT.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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