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Dobovec with a high victory to the sixth title of national champions



Only Litija has more titles

Dobovec won the sixth title of national champion in futsal. In the third game of the final, in Rogaška Slatina, he eliminated Silika from Vrhnika with 7:0 and won the final series with 3:0 in victories.

Dobovec, who also won the sixth cup title this year, only had some problems in the match at Vrhnika, which he won last Thursday in the six-meter shootout with 6:5, but he won the home match reliably.

Dobovec is the second most successful club in the history of the championship, only Litija, which was champion ten times, has more titles.

The hosts scored three times before the breakThe first half of the final match featured dynamic futsal. In the 13th minute, the guests made a big mistake in front of their own goal. Santos intercepted the ball, exchanged a double pass with Kristjan Čujec, and then pushed the ball into the net. Rok Mordej made it 2:0 with a free kick in the 16th minute. In the 19th minute, the individual quality of the home team came to the fore. Čujec accepted the ball, took another step or two, and then sent the ball into the top right corner with an outstanding left-footed shot.

Dobovec did not let up in the sequelThe guests started the second half more enterprisingly and decisively, but they were interrupted by Dobovec’s fourth goal. Visiting goalkeeper Berzlelak hit hard after a break and a pass from the car, but the Brazilian Santos went to the block, the ball hit him and bounced into the top net for the home team’s lead 4:0.

In the 29th minute, Siliko was close to the first goal. Peček was beaten, but Janež’s famous shot was stopped by the crossbar, and the ball bounced off it into the field of play. Vedran Matošević responded with the same measure on the other side, who shook the frame of the goal in the 31st minute. A few seconds later, he made it 5-0, and by the end of the match, Mordej hit an empty net when the Vrhni team was taking risks without a goalkeeper. In the last minute, Niko Cesarec scored from another ten meters.

Morina: Everyone expected and wanted Dobovec to fallIt’s nice to win the title in front of the home fans. We really wanted it. Before today’s game, there was such energy among the players that it was clear to me that we cannot lose. I even had to restrain them a little so that they wouldn’t burn out in desire. We ended the championship in the most beautiful way possible – with a 7:0 victory in the third game against our main competitor, to whom I congratulate him for a fair and correct game. I know they’re not happy because they lost, but they had a good season. They tortured us too. The season was really tough. Already in the announcement for this match, I mentioned the match in Sevnica and the defeat. We fell low… Very low. In boxing terms, you could say that they knocked us down, but they didn’t “knock us out”. Everyone expected and wanted Dobovec to fall. Well, that’s normal, because our dominance has been too long. They looked for our mistakes, bad points, they criticized us. This title is the most beautiful possible answer for everyone“, said the coach of the champions, Kujtim Morina.

Final, third match: DOBOVEC – Siliko Vrhnika 3:0 7:0 (3:0) 500; Santos 13th, 22nd, Mordej 16th, 39th, Čujec 19th, Matošević 31st, Cesarec 40th.

The result in wins is in bold. They played for three wins.

Source: Rtvslo

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