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Luton Town captain celebrates team’s historic promotion in hospital: faints on pitch



Defender Tom Lockyer has been ‘revived’ from a London hospital to celebrate Luton Town’s historic promotion to the Premier League.

meteor Luton Town promotion to the Premier League The English native has written another must-see story about football.

Images on this point revealed a range of emotions. Tom Lockyer He was alive, but off the field. And just 11 minutes into the game, Luton captain collapses on pitch at legendary Wembley Stadium to release the anxiety of people on the spot.

Shortly after this situation, the commitment judge requested medical attention for the defender, but the defender was injured.He was ejected from the stadium with an oxygen bag in his mouth. .

Despite the fact that Luton Town reported their player He was stable and with his family. tensions due to his condition and tensions along similar lines from the match were felt by British fans.

But to further unleash the elation of the club’s supporters, the following photo was posted. Lockyer shows up on a stretcher at a London hospital to celebrate the team’s historic breakthrough .

In terms of sporting matters, remember that Luton Town were tied in the final. EFL Championship Playoffs They then beat Coventry City in a breathtaking penalty shootout to secure their ticket to the top of English football.

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