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Arica Bodyboard World Cup: Iquique and Antofagasta Represent Chile in Quarterfinals



Chile advances to the quarterfinals of the Arica Bodyboard World Cup

A grand athletic meet was held in the morning blessed with fine weather today. Wave height reached up to 6 meters . The famous break of what Ariqueño calls the ‘gringo’ or ‘flopos’ even caused trouble for those he faced in the round of 16.

Five Chilean players participated.The first national runner who jumped into a powerful wave was Diego Sepulveda . Alikeno was not easy to face “Hropos”. In front of him is the reigning world champion, the champion of the pre-Tour stage in Antofagasta, Tristan Roberts from South Africa .

In addition to the level of his rivals, Sepulveda had the misfortune of being hit by a huge wave from above, which cost him a lot of time. And eventually you will be excluded from the contest.

Tristan Roberts to compete in Arika Bodybird World Cup

Then came another Ariqueño turn. Rodrigo Silva couldn’t face experienced Frenchman Pierre-Louis Costes . The Frenchman, a two-time world champion (2011 and 2016), scored an additional 13 points compared to the local runner’s 7.75 points.

In the following sleeve, Matias Diaz de Iquique dressed as a hero after defeating Portugal’s Joel Rodriguez with clear dominance . The Chilean’s flawless maneuver into the tube (inside the wave), along with a series of other tricks, helped the Chilean win by 15.9 points to the 4.50 added by the European.

In the penultimate showdown, the waves were getting bigger and bigger, and Iquiqueño Juan Fissel was hit by a ‘gringo’, a wave about 5 meters high falling on his head, making it difficult to get back into the match. . Reigning ACB champion Amauri Laverne of France took advantage of the situation and won, adding 11 to the Chilean’s 6.75.

Pierre-Louis Costes Competes at Arica Bodyboard World Championships
Hierco Vazquez

In the final battle A giant figure of Sascha Damjanich from Antofagasta appeared. Because, despite the fact that he had a complicated moment, he performed the same task after taking a wave of about 6 meters above, doubling the score of his opponent Gabriel Braga and winning Brazil. That’s because I added 12.50 points to the human runner’s 6.50 points. .

Arica Cultura bodyboarding will resume this Tuesday, June 6th at 8am. His third world stage of IBC can be watched live via the YouTube channel IBC Bodyboarding World Tour, where you can also relive the competition’s best moments.

Check out the quarterfinal results this Tuesday.

Arica Bodyboard World Cup: Quarterfinals

Source: Biobiochile

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