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INDES announces details of logistics and services to be provided to athletes at San Salvador Games



Executive Director of the Organizing Committee of the Games of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 (COSSAN), Dinora Acevedo, announces arrangements for reception, accommodation and services to be provided to foreign athletes participating in the 2023 San Salvador International Fair. bottom. It will be held from June 23rd to July 8th.

According to Acevedo, the delegation headquarters will come to Japan on June 12 to manage the athlete registration, with the aim of the athletes receiving accommodation, vehicle allowances, etc. The opening of the Villa Centroamericana at the University of El Salvador took place on June 17th, and similarly the delegation could withdraw until the 12th of the same month, even though the closure was on the 8th of July.

“Some delegations will have space to plan outbound itineraries and stopovers,” Acevedo said.

Upon their arrival, COSSAN’s director said the ceremonies team would receive them with care, as well as work with the sports cabinet and the ministry of foreign affairs to expedite immigration and customs procedures. Logistics personnel will pick up the players’ brightly colored luggage in addition to boarding the players for their transfer to the villas.

Regarding food, COSSAN We will provide 295,208 items for athletes with an “all you can eat” or “all you can eat” buffet service. The dining room at Villa Centroamericana also features 73,802 snacks in the sports arena. Acevedo noted that athletes on strict diets are provided with nutrition experts who recommend the most appropriate diet.

again, Cossin will provide the players with 3 liters of water a day at the Villa Centroamericana and 2 liters a day at the sports venues.Similarly, athletes drink 2 liters of water per day. A total of 263,092 plates of food will be served.

Acevedo also said, 22 residential modular buildings, 1,044 rooms, 4,176 beds. In addition, there will be a video game room and board games, a medical space, warehouses and Olympic Committee offices, an international area with more than 30 different facilities, a multi-religious area, a swimming pool and a Ministry of Health clinic. , 24-hour security (June 5th to July 12th) and beauty salon.

Cossin will have a cultural program with live music (rock, ska, folklore), theatre, live statues, circus exhibitions, tours of the historic center of San Salvador and visits to shopping centers.

Other information

Using a table, Acevedo revealed that a total of 5,236 athletes, 2,807 men and 2,429 women, from 35 countries have registered for the San Salvador Games. Meanwhile, the El Salvador delegation will have 499 players, 283 men and 216 women. Additionally, a total of 1,434 medals will be awarded.

The names of the buildings of Villa Centroamericana are:: El Zonte, El Sunzal, El Espino, El Tamarindo, El Tunco, El Boquerón, Punta Roca (Twinville), Golfo de Fonseca, El Pitar, Mizata, Juayua, Chaparastiq , Conchagua, Apaneca, Ataco, Jiquilisco, Barra de Santiago, Impossible, Isarco, Ilamatepec, Cerro Verde.

Acevedo said maps would be installed at Villa Centroamericana so that players could locate themselves according to their assigned buildings.

As for the Central America and Caribbean fires, they will arrive in this country tomorrow night and fires the next day. It will visit 70 municipalities in 14 provinces of the country and enter the Jorge “Magico” González Stadium on Friday 23 June.Opening day of the San Salvador tournament.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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