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$52,000 in prize money awarded to coaches and medalists at the 2023 San Salvador Games and International Tournament



The National Institute of Sport (INDES) has awarded a total of $52,000 in prize money to coaches and medal-winning athletes from the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador, as well as to medal-winning athletes at other international competitions.

INDES donated $28,000 to coaches and medal-winning athletes for the 2023 San Salvador Games and $24,000 to athletes and coaches at other international competitions.

“These awards are what we owe to you and we are glad that you even called to present them to us, especially when the excellence of the players and coaches is rewarded. I am happy to be here with you as El Salvador’s name rises,” said INDES President Yamil Bukele.

“Today we are going to be awarding about $52,000 in prizes. We have a program called Effort and Glory and we have a little table so it is already clear how much you will earn if you win a gold, silver or bronze medal. ” he added.

The prizes received by the 2023 San Salvador medalist coaches are: Fernando Menjivar (coach of longboard surfing gold medalist Amado Alvarado) was awarded his $1,400, and coach of fellow surfing gold medalist Cindy Portillo was awarded $1,400.

Noe Preza received $1,400 for Israel Gutierrez’s sport shooting gold medal. Sandra Valiente awarded $1,400 for Pablo Ibáñez’s track and field gold medal. Diego Muixonto praised his student Juan Bolaños’ two gold medals in equestrian.

William Serrano received $1,400 thanks to Gabriela Izaguirre’s karate gold medal. Orlando Yepes won $1,000 for Yvonne Noches’ silver medal in skating. Carlos Salvador won $1,000 for the silver medal from archers Roberto Hernandez and Sofia Pais.

Following Adriana Escobar’s bronze medal, Yuri Calderon received $600. Carlos Figueroa awarded $600 for Diego Turcios’ bronze medal in judo. Marcelo Castellanos won $600 for the bronze medal over Brian Perez in shortboard surfing.

Carlos Barahona received $600 for wrestler Joselyn Portillo’s bronze medal. Thanks to Marvin Rodriguez’s skating bronze medal, Judith Lopez earned $600. Pablo Velazquez, whose bronze medal was won by Jessica Hernandez in trampoline gymnastics, received $600.

Finally, Andrea Ruiz’s bronze medal in karate earned Williams Serrano $600, while the bronze medals of Monica Campos and Elias Ruiz in taekwondo earned Do Masamune $600.

The 2023 San Salvador Games Medalist Team Coaches Award went to Rudis Gallo, Elias Ramirez, Cesar Cubias, Jose Leobardo, Jose Menjivar, and Francisco Carrera, who received $7,000 for their Beach Selector silver medal.

Yuri Calderon received $600 for the bronze medal from rowers Ariana Townsend, Carla Calvo, Adriana Escobar and Ann Sirois.

Mariana Sifuentes and Tania received $1,200 for their bronze medals from gymnasts Grecia Mendoza, Cesia Castaneda, Maria Argueta, Nahomi Sanchez, Gabriela Mercado and Dayannara Magaña.

Carlos Salvador received $600 for his archery bronze medal from Roberto Hernandez, Douglas Nolasco and Miguel Beriz.

Finally, in the women’s selectors, Eric Acuña, Edgar Escobar, Fidel Escobar, Hugo Escobar, Silvia and Luis Hernandez won bronze medals worth $3,600.

Additionally, INDES will award medalist athletes, para-athletes, and coaches from various disciplines, including karate Jorge Merino receiving $1,200 for a gold medal at the 2023 Central American Karate Championships and his coach Williams Serrano awarded $240.

Merino also received $3,000 for her silver medal at the 2023 Pan American Senior Karate Championships, and her coach, Serrano, gave her $600.

Skater Victoria Leyva received $2,000 in medals at the 2023 Pan American Nations Championships, while coach Leila Jael received $400.

Paratennis table tennis player Mauricio Cordova was awarded a $1,500 gold medal at the 2023 Parapan American Games, and his coach Gerson Villalta received $300.

Para powerlifter Herbert Acetuno took home $7,000 after winning silver at the 2023 World Championships. His coach, Jorge Lopez, awarded him $1,400.

Swimmer Marina Spadoni won $1,200 for a gold medal at the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Swimming Championships, where she also won a silver medal and took home $200 and $400.

Xavier Ventura’s swimming gold medal at the Central American and Caribbean Championships earned him $600. His coach, Douglas Menjivar, awarded him $120.

Isabella Arras, who won the bronze medal at the Central American and Caribbean Championships, received $700. Swimmers Ivanka Bukele, Filipo Pilenga, Elena Funes and Xavier Ventura won $2,000 after winning bronze medals at the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Championships.

The swimmer’s coach, swimming coach Douglas Menjivar, received $400. Swimmer Ariana Valle, who won a bronze medal at the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Championships, received $400. His coach, Jose Moreno, received $80.

Swimmer Nicolas Pilenga, who won bronze at the Central American and Caribbean Championships, received $400. His coach, Douglas Menjivar, won $80, and Elisa Funes, who won bronze at the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Championships, won $400.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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