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Alexia Putelas: “We’re here to make sure no woman ever finds herself in a situation where she’s disrespected again.”



Spanish national footballer Alexia Putelas, captain of FC Barcelona Femeni, said this Wednesday that the aim of the fight under the #SeAcabó movement is to “ensure that women never again experience situations of disrespect, lack of respect and abuse. He asserted that this was the case.

“We are here to stay and help those who are coming, because we have a long way to go. We can see this when we look at the changes we all want to make.”We never again have to experience a situation of disrespect, lack of respect or abuse, inside or outside of football.” After receiving the Medal of Honor from the Catalan Parliament, Puteras, captain of Cré, said:

“We need buy-in, courage and courage on the part of the establishment. We will not stop here, those who fought before us deserve it, we deserve it for our daily efforts. “And the girls who dream of being like us today deserve it too. Long live coverage of women’s sports,” she emphasized in her acceptance speech.

Among her demands, Puteras called for “more support for women’s sport and more and better facilities and investment from the base.” “I want the girls and the boys who came from behind to be given all the means to play. We are making progress and I am happy and grateful to the club for their efforts. Barça has given us We invest, we believe. We invite the rest of our members. ‘The club should do that,’ he expressed.

“We are very proud to have been awarded the Medal of Honor by the Catalan Parliament. This honor represents a paradigm shift. Society is changing and the role of women is crucial to the development and growth of Catalan society. It has to be capital,” said the Blaugrana midfielder.

“We did not build anything from scratch. That is why we would like to thank the pioneers who promoted women’s sport at Barça and elsewhere. This medal also belongs to them. As Barça, we “We are contributing to building a fairer and more just society,” he continued in his speech, “bringing more opportunity and achieving equality through football.”

In closing, Puteras emphasized the legacy she and other world champions will leave for future generations. “Our efforts and victories have served as a reference for many boys and girls, young people and adults. With this comes great responsibility and we must continue to do it well,” he said. Ta.

“There is no question of our commitment to women’s sport and society, and to ourselves. But we need more support to do better and continue to grow. We don’t want this to become a fad. ” Mr. Puteras finally repeated.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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