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Representative of FAS owner found guilty in June of fraud over $800,000



Mr. Eduardo Beltramini, Representative of AGM Sports, Owner of FAS

Mr. Eduardo Beltramini, Representative of AGM Sports, Owner of FAS

Two Peruvian media outlets, “Tolome” and “Ovación,” reported this on June 7 of this year. Argentine businessman Eduardo Beltramini is currently the president of AGM Sports, the owner of CD FAS.was convicted of fraud by the U.S. judicial system.

A judicial ruling in Texas state court says the party organizers defrauded then-partner Jefferson Castro, racked up costs and kept much of the money that didn’t belong to them.

Beltramini was already involved in organizing friendly matches for the Peruvian national team, including one in which he starred. The game against Paraguay in 2019, and the games against Mexico and El Salvador at the beginning of the Reynoso era. (There were many complaints about logistics).

Let’s not forget that Beltramini has reached an agreement with coach Agustin Lozano’s organization. He organized 10 friendly matches for the Peruvian team, the first two of which were against South Korea and Japan.

Beltramini also gave an interview on Radio Obación’s program “Sobremesa” and explained his views as follows: “Even though I sold him the company, he didn’t pay me any money, so I was going to file a lawsuit against him. I won that lawsuit, so he told me What he indicated is that although I did not give him the complete documentation, I did not cause him any financial harm. ”

“I’m very calm. Anyone can blame Castro because he knew I was going to start a trial and he indicted me. The truth is, I won the trial, but what he showed was It’s just one page of the judgment. “I don’t have to pay him a single peso for what he has accused me of,” said the AGM Sports representative.

The Argentine businessman then said, “I’ve been working in this industry for 30 years. I have a very clear conscience. If I lost, it would have been a commercial dispute. But thanks to God, I was spared, so he has to pay me.” ”

On top of that, Mr. Beltramini talked about his Asian tour of Peru at the end of June last year.: “It’s not the first time we’re taking players there. Japan and Korea are very organized people and they work in a very good way and very reliably.[At FPF]There would be six games left, but that’s what we were thinking of doing.”There will be something in September, but qualifying has already started. ”

Plaintiff Jefferson Castro, on the other hand, clarified that Mr. Beltramini had already been convicted and that his statements were lies. “Beltramini is guilty of fraud, falsifying documents and defrauding the United States. The football federation inflated prices. He has already been found guilty and the trial took two years and the trial has now moved to the criminal court stage. He will go in and decide there how much he will pay us,” he said on Radio Obasión.

“This is irrevocable and it is illogical for a federal court to find you guilty and then vacate your charges. This case has lasted over two years and many documents have been filed, but we “The charges could not be reversed,” Castro said.

“The second step will be in criminal court. Fraud has been proven and we will sue him to make him pay us. We will sue for damages and fraud. ” he continued. He committed (over $800,000).

Similarly, investor Mr. Castro detailed how Mr. Beltramini committed the violations, saying, “We, the investors, put up the money, and he paid for the expenses incurred at the event, such as payments to teams and hotels.” ). What he did was inflate the amount.” We had to do a cepina because he set a price (say $100,000 above the price) and we found out there was a huge discrepancy between what he charged and what he actually spent. I noticed. He forged stadium documents, where he certified a lower amount of income. “

“Peru vs. Paraguay 2019 raised $1.326 million in New York, but Beltramini reported a small audience and raised $1.213 million, where he received $114,000 from us. “But they reported to U.S. Soccer that they were only able to collect $865,000 ($450,000 less),” he said.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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