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Manuel Urenda criticized Ernesto Gochez and blamed the fact that FAS were on the verge of being relegated to the second division.



Mr. Manuel Urenda, former sports director of FAS and Mr. Ernesto Gochez, former sports manager of FAS

Mr. Manuel Urenda, former sports director of FAS and Mr. Ernesto Gochez, former sports manager of FAS

Last week, unofficial news was released that the Tigrillo team was administratively close to being relegated to the second division because CD FAS did not register the women’s category of the Women’s Major League until the last day.

Thanks to the quick response of the communications manager, Catherine Ruano, Last Friday at 4:50 pm, FAS was able to protect itself from a historic event by the “great” Salvadoran. In light of the above, former Tigrillo sports director Manuel Urenda accused sports manager Ernesto Gochez of causing the inconvenience.

“On Thursday, the day[Ernesto]Gochez left, this guy wouldn’t hand over the documents for the women’s team and left them until the last day. He knew what would happen if the women’s team wasn’t registered. The team “It would have been a disaster because this guy who calls himself a sports manager already knew he had to register with the team,” said the former sports director of the Tigrillo team.

“This procedure was supposed to take place 20 days in advance, but the man waited until the last minute. Whether it was planned or out of ignorance, incompetence or carelessness, I don’t know, but when the man left, the woman’s The documents were handed over and the man left.” Another day he arrived at the federation and while receiving the documents here he was laughing, he thought he wouldn’t be able to register a woman, my “If you’re listening, you know that, he took those documents and registered them, and that’s by all intents and purposes,” he added.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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