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The leading rider should not be attacked within the team



Vala 202 cycling podcast at the start of the Race of Spain

Since the way the Dutch team raced raised a lot of dust both in the caravan and among cycling followers, at Jumbo Visma, after the intervention of chief sports director Merijn Zeeman, they “only” returned to the unwritten rules of the cycling world.

The leading rider should not be attacked within the team – even if it is such superiority, as the clearly strongest team in the world series has this time.

This Vala 202 podcast was created directly in Spain after the completion of the 18th stage. The stage with the most elevation gain, with five climbs, should be the real spectacle of the final week of the 78th Tour of Spain.

The captains did not submit to the leader

All in all, it happened ‘squished’ after some moves by the Jumba Visma cyclists, which triggered a lot of indignation in the caravan and also among cycling sports fans. What stood out the most was the showdown between the top three in the overall standings at the famous Anglire, where in the end it all ended with the American Sepp Kuss remained in the leading position of the total.

The Dutch team, although by far the strongest in the race, received a considerable gray, not to say black mark, when the captain and winner of this year’s Tour and Giro Jonas Vingegaard and Primož Roglič they are not protected Kussa, who was in the leader’s shirt.

When Jonas attacked, Primož stayed by Sepp. I would have expected that when it was the other way around, Jonas would also stay by Seppo’s side, but that didn’t happen. Big difference.

Primož Čerin

Chief Zeeman put things in place

Sporting directors Juma Visma, headed by Marc Reef, and even the riders themselves have been predicting all along that the winner of the race will be decided by the road. It seemed that the decision-makers in the escort cars really gave them a free hand. That’s how it was on Wednesday at Angliru, which is considered the most brutal climb in the world of cycling. Then came the call from the team leader Zeeman measurementwho put everything in a predictable framework.

After the statements and gestures at the victory in Angliru, speculations were revived as to whether Roglič might change the team in order to get the desired captain's role at the next Tour de France.  Zasavec has a contract with the Dutch team until the end of the 2025 season. Photo: EPA

Already at the signing of the start list on Thursday, it was noticeable that something was happening, most of the cyclists also stopped at the press microphones and confirmed our assumptions. This largely means that the Vuelta was decided a long time ago and certainly not in this last week. Now, many say that at the latest after the ride at the time when the relations between the three strongest riders in the caravan were what they were.

Čerin: Roglič submitted everything to the Giro and the Vuelta

We can only guess how individuals took it all together. One of Primož Roglič’s confidants told us a lot of interesting things about this Primož Čerin. He said that his namesake highlighted only two races this year – the Giro and the Vuelta – and submitted everything to them. Primož Čerin believes that many things that happened within the team did not go to the hands of the three-time winner of the Vuelta. Two journalist colleagues also added their own in the conversation David Črmelj and Luka Dolar, who accompany them all together near the caravan. He led the conversation Dare Ruparwhich is also along the route of the 78th Vuelta.

Primož Čerin (together with the selector Uroš Murno) knows the cyclist Primož Roglič best, which is why it is worth listening carefully to his words.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

It could be interesting after the Vuelta

“In his own way, it would be right for Sepp to win the race. I think he got an opportunity in his stage and used it very well. He did a lot for both Jonas and Primož,” Čerin summarized his observations and knowledge along the Vuelta route.

“The fight between Primož and Jonas? Primož won three Vuelta, second or third place is not a big difference for him. More of a mutual rivalry that was put to the test. It seems to me that the agreements and tactics were different than what happened in certain stages. Here, however, friction quickly arises,” the first Slovene to ride the Tour de France gave his view on the duel of captains, which marked the past days in the world of cycling.

“When Jonas attacked, Primož stayed by Seppo. I would have expected, when it was the other way around, that Jonas also stayed by Seppo, which did not happen. Big difference,” stressed the seasoned cyclist, who with his advice and help had a significant impact on Roglič’s career, in which change can also occur. “What will happen after the Vuelta could also be interesting,” added Primož Čerin.

Source: Rtvslo

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