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The USA is number one again, the Slovenians dropped out of the top ten



Latvia’s big jump

The Slovenian basketball team fell from seventh to 11th in the latest ranking of the International Basketball Federation. The United States replaced Spain in first place, while world champions Germany moved up to third place.

German basketball players gained eight places, and Latvia and Canada managed to make an even bigger jump: the Baltic country gained 22 places after the fifth place at the WC and is currently in eighth place, Canada, which won in Manila (after the victory over the USA) third place, but it moved from 15th to sixth place.

Lestvica Fibe (10. september 2023):
 1. (2.) ZDA           786,6
 2. (1.) Španija       778,2
 3.(11.) Nemčija       759,7
 4. (3.) Avstralija    755,8
 5. (6.) Srbija        755,6
 6.(15.) Kanada        745,5
 7. (4.) Argentina     743,8
 8.(30.) Latvija       743,7
 9. (5.) Francija      736,3
10. (8.) Litva         715,5
11. (7.) Slovenija     700,8

Source: Rtvslo

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