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Spanish women refused national team call-ups, Rubiales banned from approaching



What formation, if any, will the Spain women’s national team play in the upcoming Nations League match? Namely, the newly minted world champions are rejecting the national team’s invitation one after the other, even if Rubiales resigned and Vilda’s coach was fired.

On September 22, Spain will play in the 1st round of the new League of Nations in Sweden, four days later presented the world champions to the domestic public at the meeting with Switzerland.

But the new coach Špank Montse Tomé for the aforementioned match, she will not call up even one of the 23 soccer players who became the new world champions a month ago. Despite her efforts, the new coach, who was an assistant during the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, was left without champions.

When the Rubiales affair broke out, the newly minted world champions once again drew attention to their old demands and criticisms of the coach Jorge Vilda as the entire part of the Spanish Football Federation, which is supposed to deal with and deal with Incompatibility with the proposal of football.

The 81 best Spanish soccer players, including all 23 world champions, are sticking to their letter from the end of August, where they demand extensive changes to the soccer association. Resignation Luis Rubialeswho “violently violated the dignity of women” by kissing Jenni Hermoso during the award ceremony, and the dismissal of the Vilda coach, is not enough according to the Spanish soccer players.

The new coach is now trying to put together a national team, but she won’t be in it for at least seven best possible elevens…

Meanwhile, the court in Madrid issued Luis Rubiales a restraining order against Jenna Hermoso, who has alreadyas points out that she did not consent to the kiss.

Source: Rtvslo

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