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Spain’s world champion insists he will not return to the national team



Almost all members of Spain's world champion team declared that they would not return to the team.  /AFP

Almost all members of Spain’s world champion team declared that they would not return to the team. /AFP

All but two world champions announced this Friday that the changes made by the Spanish Federation (RFEF) following the non-consensual kissing scandal between Luis Rubiales and Jenni Hermoso are not enough to encourage their return to the national team. I thought.

“As we told the RFEF today, the changes that have taken place are not enough for players to feel safe, where women are respected, where they can commit to women’s football and perform to the best of their ability. No,” he said. The statement was signed by 39 football players.

The statement, issued by two-time Ballon d’Or winner and co-signer Alexia Putelas, came at around the same time that new women’s coach Monse Tome was scheduled to announce the list for the Nations League games against Sweden and Switzerland. It was done.

It is unclear how long the publication of the list will be postponed after federation officials said the signatures of fellow world champions Atenea del Castillo and Claudia Zornoza, who also announced the end of their international careers, were missing. It is said that

Zornoza posted a message on his social networks, saying: “I had made the decision to retire from the senior football team before the World Championship, and what better way to make it happen than with the titles we have won so far.” I think so.” Australia” and “New Zealand”.

“I think the time has come for me to fully concentrate on my goals at Real Madrid,” Zornoza added.

“I would like to express my solidarity with my teammates and hope that the entire structure of the team will change once and for all and live up to our achievements,” the player concluded his message.

In a memo, the champions expressed “deep dissatisfaction” with former RFEF president Luis Rubiales forcing Jenni Hermoso to kiss him during the World Cup medal ceremony.

“In the face of these acts, we must have zero tolerance for our peers, ourselves, and all women,” the memo said.

The players reported on several meetings with the RFEF, in which they said: “Change as we understand it is about moving forward and reaching structures that do not tolerate or be part of such degrading events. I understand that it is fundamental to the

“We strongly believe that strong changes are needed in the leadership of the RFEF, especially in the area of ​​women’s football,” the players insist.

For this reason, they are calling for “a reorganization of the organizational chart of women’s football, a reorganization of the presidential cabinet and the general secretary, the resignation of the RFEF president, a reorganization of the communications and marketing sector, and a reorganization of the integrity sector.”

As a result, the players are calling for the resignation of Pedro Rocha, interim president of the RFEF, who is expected to take over control of the team after Rubiales’ departure and continue to lead Rubiales.

The signatories concluded by pointing out that “what makes us most proud is wearing the uniform of our team and always leading our country to the highest position,” but now… “We believe that the time has come to fight to demonstrate these conditions and circumstances.” “Practice has no place in our football or in our society.”

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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