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Judge bans Rubiales from approaching Hermoso, worsening crisis in Spanish soccer



Luis Rubiales has resigned as president of the Spanish Football Federation.  /DEM File - AFP

Luis Rubiales has resigned as president of the Spanish Football Federation. /DEM File – AFP

Crisis rocking Spanish football on Friday as former president Luis Rubiales approaches Jennifer Hermoso amid investigation into allegations of forced kissing at the World Cup, as nearly all world champions demand further changes ahead of La Roja’s return This expanded further after a judge banned it.

“The changes that have taken place are not enough for players to feel like they are in a safe space, where women are respected, where there is a commitment to women’s football and where they can perform to the best of their ability,” said one of the 23 world champions. 21 people said. In a text disseminated on social networks by two-time Ballon d’Or winner and fellow signatory Alexia Putelas.

The federation’s “leadership positions require constant change” and are still in the hands of people Rubiales trusts, with a total of 39 people appointed around the same time as new women’s coach Montse Tomé was appointed. added a document signed by football players. I had to list the games against Sweden and Switzerland in the Nations League.

Finally, federal officials said the list would not be released this Friday, without specifying a possible new date.

In order to wear the La Roja uniform again, the players are calling for Pedro Rocha’s resignation as interim president, a reorganization of the women’s soccer organization, or a reorganization of the presidential cabinet and general secretary.

The announcement comes after former Spain coach Jorge Vilda, who had been criticized by players for his methods, was sacked last week and was expected to resign, and there had been some optimism in recent days about the return of Spain’s national team players. It shocked the soccer world once again. Federation President Luis Rubiales spoke on Sunday.

Rubiales before the trial

The former leader will be investigated this Friday in a public incident on suspicion of “sexual assault” stemming from the fact that he forcibly kissed Jennifer Hermoso and uttered abusive language during the World Cup medal ceremony on August 20. He was interrogated on suspicion of having received a medical certificate. A wave of international outrage.

Following his statement, which was given behind closed doors, Judge Francisco de Jorge imposed a precautionary measure forbidding him from coming within 200 meters of Hermoso, who plays for Mexican team Pachuca, or having contact with him during interrogation. imposed.

Wearing a dark suit and no tie, Mr. Rubiales arrived on foot at the National Court of Justice in Madrid, accompanied by his lawyer, and left without making a comment to dozens of waiting journalists.
According to a source close to the prosecutor’s office, the former leader once again denied that the kiss was consensual.

In a British television interview aired on Tuesday, Mr. Rubiales had already made it clear that it was a “mutual action.”

“It was not intentional. There was no sexual connotation of any kind. It was just a moment of happiness, great joy in the moment,” he said. “My intentions are noble, 100% non-sexual, 100%, I repeat, 100%,” he reiterated.

However, her opinion clashes with that of Jenni Hermoso, who has already said that she felt “defenseless and a victim of attack” when she received the kiss, and in her opinion It was an “impulsive, sexist and misplaced act”. “without any kind of consent,” she said in her complaint last week.

“It was a non-consensual kiss,” Carla Val, the player’s lawyer, reiterated Friday, adding, “Thanks to that video, everyone and the entire country understands what kind of non-consent there was.” ” he praised.

Early stage

Once the fledgling investigation is concluded, the magistrate in charge of the case must decide whether to hold a trial against Rubiales. This is still an early stage investigation, so a decision is not expected in the short term.

Since recent changes to Spain’s criminal code, kissing without consent can be considered sexual assault, a criminal category that lumps together all types of sexual violence.

Penalties for forced kissing can range from a fine to four years in prison, prosecutors’ office officials said.

According to prosecutors, Mr. Hermoso was under continuous and repeated pressure from Mr. Luis Rubiales and his professional environment to justify and acknowledge the facts. He is also considering charges of extortion. Complaints.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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