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Famous Argentinian influencer receives FAS shirt: “I want Magico González to sign it”



Jello Fraixas is a famous influencer from Argentina.  / CD FAS

Jello Fraixas is a famous influencer from Argentina. / CD FAS

In a video broadcast on the social networks of Club Deportivo FAS, the famous Argentine influencer Jello Freixas declared that after receiving the shirt from the Santaneco team, he wanted to get the autograph of “Magico” González.

“I am currently in San Salvador, a beautiful city in this country that I love. My friends from FAS came to give me this gift that will be sent directly to the museum,” he said.

Freixas said it would be “awesome” if the shirt could be signed by a Salvadoran idol and kept at the museum.

“‘Magico’ González played here. How cool would it be to have ‘Magico’ sign my shirt? I wish it was in the museum,” he said.

The Argentinian influencer said that he is the King of Cups along with Independiente de Avelada, the Argentine team that has won the Copa Libertadores, which is the biggest winner in the history of the Copa Libertadores, which he is a fan of. “I like it,” he said.

“I want to send a big hug to all the fans. They tell me they are the King of Cups and that’s why I like them, my team in Argentina is Independiente. , that’s the King of Cups,” he commented.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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