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Battle cry: This was a traditional Samoan dance before Los Condors’ reaction at the World Cup



The island team gave an impressive presentation in front of Los Condres.

It’s horrifying.For the duel with chile condor ,Selection of Samoa I made his thing. traditional shivatau dance For the first time in Rugby World Cup history.

This dance, like New Zealand’s Haka, is intended to intimidate rival teams. Samoa’s Roar facing a battle.

The national team did not just engage in psychological warfare, but instead faced their threatening opponent seriously. “Samoa!, We are ready for war!, Fight hard!, Strive to achieve!, El Manu!” This is part of the Samoan intonation and is exactly what we are trying to do to honor the Samoan culture.

Reactions of Historical Samoan Shiva Tau and Los Condres

Source: Biobiochile

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