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Captain Ratnik brought victory to Olympia in the eternal derby



Rogaška’s first win, a draw at Fazanerija

Olimpija players won the first eternal derby this season. In the 8th round of the Telemach First League, they beat Maribor 2:1 in Stožice. The man behind the decision was Marcel Ratnik.

The 19-year-old is in the away derby Timije Max Elšnik wore the captain’s armband, but the derby was decided after an hour of play after he headed in from a cross from the right and increased Olimpia’s advantage to +2 (for 1:0 he scored in the 34th minute Rui Pedro). Marin Laušić kicked off the playoffs with a goal for Maribor, in which the green and whites withstood all the pressure and achieved their fifth championship victory in the new season.

Maribor hasn’t won in Stožice since September 2019, since then Olimpija has won seven out of eight eternal derbies on their pitch. Celje is still leading the league table with 16 points, and will host Koper in the derby on Sunday. Celje have a point ahead of Olimpija and Koper, Maribor is fourth (11 points).

This is how Rui Pedro beat Ažbet Juga 1:0.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

Lively opening minutes of the first partThe opening minutes of the half saw lively play on both sides. In the 17th minute, two good opportunities suddenly presented themselves Rui Pedro. After a cross from the left, he headed the goalkeeper at the far post Ažbet Jug, who deflected the ball, then the Portuguese tried again, but only managed a corner. Just a few minutes later, a promising action was also offered to the people of Maribor: the goalkeeper from Ljubljana Matevž Vidovšek he saved the attempt Andraž Žinič after a nice pass Jan Repas from the counterattack.

Rui Pedro with the fifth goal of the seasonAfter a good half an hour, the game ended at the Štogen stadium, and to the great joy of the home fans, the Maribor net shook. David Sualehe is on the left side at Enrico Castro he sent a precise cross to the far post to Rui Pedro, who, in the style of the greatest masters, headed the ball under the crossbar for 1:0. It was his fifth goal in seven games this year. He closed another one in the 39th minute Nemanja Motikbut it remained with the minimal leadership of Olympia.

Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

Captain Ratnik doubled Olimpija’s leadAlready at the beginning of the second half, he found himself in a great opportunity Ivan Posavec, who tried to surprise Jug with a lob, but tamed the ball. The people of Maribor tried to meet the hosts with attacks from the flanks, but the Ljubljana defense effectively stifled their attempts, and then the green and white team doubled their lead in the 65th minute. According to the template Jorge Silva from a break from the right, the captain put the ball into the net with his head at the far post Marcel Ratnik and was among the scorers for the second time in this year’s championship.

Laušić halved Maribor’s deficitThe joy of the Olimpija supporters has not yet completely subsided when the guests from the Styrian capital cut the gap in half. After a quick attack and a precise cross from the reserve Mark Božič he hit with his head Marin Laušić. The Dalmatian midfielder headed the ball into the ground, Vidovšek was helpless. In the 72nd minute, he warmed Jug’s palms with a free kick on the other side of the green Diogo Pinto. The game flared up, the Maribor team almost equalized shortly after, a diagonal shot by the reserve player Xhuljana Skuka narrowly missed the goalkeeper’s right post.

With a goal in the 70th minute, Marin Laušić spiced up the end of the first eternal derby of the season and instilled some hope and confidence in the Maribor team, which since then played much better and more attacking.  However, she failed to score the much-desired equalizing goal.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

Olimpija held on for a fifth consecutive victory in StožiceJust like the beginning, the end of the match was also lively. In the playoffs, both teams had a few (half) chances, in the 82nd minute he was a substitute Peter Agba missed Jug’s goal by a meter or two with a powerful shot from distance, on the other side Vidovšek saved Repas’ shot after Božič’s pass four minutes later. After a well-executed action, luckily for the Ljubljana goalkeeper, Repas aimed straight at him.

Slatičan’s dream first halfThe opening match of the eighth round between Aluminij and Rogaška brought the first league victory for this year’s newcomers, who climbed from bottom to eighth place in the derby at the beginning of the league. The visitors took the lead after just one hundred seconds. Jean Flis passed a long ball deep in his own half, and in the penalty area he received the ball and skilfully hit it under the crossbar Antonio Majcenic.

After less than a quarter of an hour of play, the Slatina team was already leading 2:0. After quickly transferring the game to the opposite half, it is Žan Benedičič found with a high pass Nejc Gradišar, who made his first league debut with a shot from the first. Before the break, Rogaška came up with the most severe penalty Bojan Mertik confirmed after a long look at the VAR. But with Miljanić’s shot, the home goalkeeper became famous Just the Preacherwho defended the 11-m.

In the second part, Aluminij took the initiative, which was crowned in the 77th minute, when the reserve Pole scored from close range after a corner and confusion in the visiting defense Daniel Skiba. There was no change in the result until the end and Rogaška is looking forward to the first three points of the season.

Football players Bravo and Mura parted ways without a winner.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

Mura scored first, then remained without the sent off SadriuIn the second match on Saturday, Mura and Bravo split without a winner (1:1). Bravo, who struggled with the player for a long time and could not find the right way to the opponent’s goal, was saved by the two reserves – the passer Rok Maher and shooter Luka Štor. Bravo now has 11 points and remains in touch with the top of the table, while the team from Sobos is four points behind them. Mura started the game with more determination, and it was rewarded in the sixth minute when he scored Roko Jurišić a little to the left. The ball surprised Matija Orbanić in Bravo’s door, as she flew past many legs. In the 11th minute, the home team was left with only ten players on the pitch, and he was sent off Leard to Sadrioafter pushing back a bit as the last player Mateja Poplatnikwho fell at the same time.

Štor checkmate Mihelak for the final 1:1Sobočani, despite having fewer players, did not allow their rivals any real action. In the 29th minute, however, he managed to shoot from 20 meters Nemanja Jakšić, but he did not measure accurately. He proved himself four minutes later Klemen Mihelak after a free kick Martin Pečar from a good 20 meters. A little later, Emir Saitoski on the other side tried in the penalty area, but he sent the ball right to Orbanić. Bravo started the second half a little more aggressively, in the 54th minute Poplatnik had a chance to equalize, but Bravo’s attacker shot too weakly. There were a few hotter moments, and one of the nicest actions was in the 74th minute with a slightly inaccurate shot in the duel finished one on one with the goalkeeper Amadej Maroša.

In the 79th minute, the people of Ljubljana only equalized. Rok Maher passed a long ball into the penalty area, in which Luka Štor skilfully shot with his head and checked Mihelak for 1:1. In the 94th minute, Mura’s goalkeeper saved a dangerous header from Maher and prevented a turnover.

Albert Riera, coach of the leading team Celje, will visit Bonifika near Koper on Sunday.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

Championship derby on SundayThe eighth round of the Telemach First League brings another derby between the leading two teams. On Sunday, Koper and Celje will meet in Koper, which is under the leadership of Albert Riera and with the top scorer of the league, Aljoša Matko, in the role of favorite for the championship title. The history of head-to-head confrontations is on the side of Koper, who won 36 out of a total of 88 first league clashes, but it is true that not a single one last season.

First League Telemach, 8th round

OLYMPIA – MARIBOR 2:1 (1:0) Rui Pedro 34th, Ratnik 65th; Laušić 70.

NK Olimpija Ljubljana: Vidovšek, Silva, Sualehe (93./Krefl), Muhamedbegović, Ratnik, Posavec, Doffo, Lucas (77./Brest), Motika (83./Agba), Pinto (77./Fadida), Rui Pedro (77./ Nukić).

NK Maribor: Jug, Žinić, Watson (46./Mitrović), Uskoković, Strajnar (46./Skuka), Laušič, Vrhovec (84./Iličić), Lorber (75./Feta), Guerrico (65./Božič), Repas, Castro.

Judge: Matej Jug (Tolmin)

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ALUMINUM – ROGAŠKA 1:2 (0:2) Skiba 77.; Miljanić 2., Gradisar 14.

Aluminium: Preacher; Martić, Schaubach, Koblar (64./Subarić), Jovan; Bilyi, Jagic; Jovanović, Gorenak, Katusa (46./Skiba); Susso.

Croissant: Vodisek; Rantuša-Lampreht, Mihalič, Majcenič; Pirtovšek, Benedičič, THailsson, Flis; Gradišar (67./Pavlović), Miljanić, Korošec (62./Majcen).

Judge: Bojan Merik (Odanci)

MURA – BRAVO 1:1 (1:0) Jurišić 6.; Stor 79.RK: Sadriu 12./Mura

Mura: Mihelak, Sadriu, Maruško, Dobrovoljc, Jurišić, Kous, Kurtović, Kasalo (46./Tripi), Saitoski (46./Trontelj), Maroša (84./Petković), Shabanhaxhaj (92./Brkić).

Bravo: Orbanić, Kavčič, Gurlica, Jakšić (47./Ivanšek), Španring, Pečar, Trdin, Selan (67./Maher), Janjić (70./Štor), Puconja (46./Stanković), Poplatnik.

Judge: Danijel Žalik (Turnišče)

Sunday at 3:00 p.m.: KALCER RADOMLJE – DOMŽALE

At 20.15: KOPER – CELJE

Judge: Rade Obrenović (Ljubljana)


Slovenian Football League, 2023-2024
# National teams No. matches Wins Draws Defeat Goal difference Points


6 5 1 0 17:5 16


6 5 0 1 12:5 15

Olympia Ljubljana

6 4 0 2 18:12 12


6 3 2 1 10:6 11

Well done

7 3 2 2 9:8 11


7 2 1 4 8:15 7


6 1 2 3 8:10 5


7 1 2 4 5:16 a.m 5


7 1 1 5 9:13 am 4

Kalcer Radomlje

6 1 1 4 4:10 4

Source: Rtvslo

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