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Prado race before the end of the season already champion in the MXGP class



After an unsuccessful start, Gajser raced well and finished the first run in 9th place

In the MXGP class motocross race at the Italian Grand Prix, the Spanish Jorge Prado was the best in the first run, and due to the resignation of the Frenchman Romain Febvre, the race before the end of the season already secured his first championship title in the royal class.

Febvre, who was still in the game before today’s race, had to retire after many mistakes and as many as three falls and left the venue angry.

After a failed start, when he fell at the beginning of the race, Tim Gajser won 9th place in the first run.

The 22-year-old Prado has been exceptional this year, although he won “only” twice (Febvre six times), but he was the most consistent and kept placing on the podium.

The final race will be at 4:10 p.m.

Prva vožnja:                          
 1. J. PRADO        ŠPA/gasgas      25
 2. J. SEEWER       ŠVI/yamaha      22
 3. A. FORATO       ITA/KTM         20
 9. T. GAJSER       SLO/honda       12                                                                           
Skupni vrstni red:                    
 1. J. PRADO        ŠPA/gasgas     865
 2. R. FEBVRE       FRA/kawasaki   774
 3. J. SEEWER       ŠVI/yamaha     698

Source: Rtvslo

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