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He was wrong: Peter Crouch’s embarrassing ‘failure’ made English football laugh



Peter Crouch’s “blunder” when taking a penalty at Wolverhampton Stadium was broadcast in full on British television.

What I remember is peter crouch international soccer, especially England Because he was one of the tallest forwards in the entire history of that team.

their 2.01 meters Taller athletes had a presence on the playing field, but often they were not suited for the playing field. pirouette He did it to score quality goals.

In 2019, after remaining in the final stage as a player, burnley the Englishman decided to hang up his shoes and devote himself to sports journalism.

Now, as a panelist. TNT Sports I visited a stadium in England wolverhampton Preparing for the match against the home team liverpool the duel ended 3-1 in favor of the “Reds”.

Regardless of the match result, peter crouch He made news himself after appearing in “Failure” It spread through social networks.

It turns out that the current panelist and sports commentator was preparing to take a penalty inside the stadium. Molineux when he picked up the microphone, he kicked the ball, but unfortunately he tripped over his foot. long legs He fell straight onto the grass of the British redoubt.

Unfortunately for him, the broadcast was live and there was laughter from everyone present and the panelists on the other side of the camera, who couldn’t believe the mistake. Former player who represented England at the World Cup in 2006 and 2010.

Similarly, the current sports director leeds united The cast that arrived. Championship took his downfall with humor and sealed it all off with a big smile for the broadcast.

Check out Peter Crouch’s fall on TNT Sports Broadcast

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