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Championship derby in the evening at Bonifika; Radomljam’s neighborhood showdown with Domžale



Riera to Koper with memories of the February events

After Olimpija’s victory over Maribor on Saturday, the match between Koper and Celje will be at the forefront of the national football championship today before the eighth round of the season’s leaders. Radomlje won the neighboring match against Domžale with 3:1 and left the bottom of the table.

Last year, Celje won both championship games at Bonifika, and they will be favorites today as well. They are still undefeated this season. Coach Albert Riera comes to Koper with unpleasant memories of the events of seven months ago, when he visited Olimpija there and at the end of the match he got into a dispute with the coaching staff on the Koper bench.

According to Koprčanov, he continued insulting club employees even after the match. The NHS disciplinary judge punished him for unsportsmanlike and unethical behavior with a three-match ban from entering the stadium. The president of Kopra was also banned from entering the stadium for three matches Ante Guberac.

Millers from the bottom to sixth place

The first Sunday match took place in Domžale, where Radomlje officially hosted their neighbors Domžale. The neighboring confrontation was decided in the first half, in which the final result was already set 3:1 for the millers, who jumped from the last to the sixth place and in the process overtook guests.

Radomljane took the lead in the 19th minute with his first league goal Ivan Krolo, when he beat Gašper Tratnik a little from the left and diverted the ball. The people of Domžal quickly responded when, after a play from 20 m, the barely 17-year-old shot under the crossbar Luka Topalović.

Oliver Bogatinov won the duel with Dušan Kosić, after which Radomlje has two points more than Domžal.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

A goal and a post by Da Cruz, who was injured

The millers took the lead for the second time in the 32nd minute, when the 21-year-old striker, on loan from Croatia’s Gorica, skilfully scored after a pass from the left side in front of the goal Caio Da Cruz. The Brazilian’s goal was followed by another beautiful goal from distance: Dejan Vokić scored under the crossbar from less than 20 m. Da Cruz hit the crossbar in stoppage time. In the continuation, Domžale were without ideas and searched in vain for the second goal of the connection. Radomlje, on the other hand, stepped off the gas, especially after the injury to Da Cruz, they were just waiting for the official confirmation of the second victory of the season.


KALCER RADOMLJE – DOMŽALE 3:1 (3:1) Krolo 19th, Cruz 33rd, Vokić 38th; Topalović 23.

Kalcer Radomlje: That’s right; Ševelj, Korun, Marković (88./Zaler), Hrvoj, Krolo (92./Pogačar), Vokić (69./Merdović), Nuhanović, Šošić (88./Posavec), Cruz (69./Gorenc-Stanković), Cuckoo.

Regrets: Lawn; Mutavčić, Nwankwo (72./Hodžić), Makadji (61./Fazlić), Dapo, Markuš, Biggs (46./Marasović), Repas, Topalović (84/Tolić), Šturm (72./Krstovski), Kolobarić.

Judge: Aleksandar Matković (Ravne na Carinthia)

At 20.15: KOPER – CELJE

OLYMPIA – MARIBOR 2:1 (1:0) 5380; Rui Pedro 34th, Ratnik 65th; Laušić 70.

ALUMINUM – ROGAŠKA 1:2 (0:2) 400; Skiba 77.; Miljanić 2., Gradisar 14.

MURA – BRAVO 1:1 (1:0) 1500; Jurišić 6.; Stor 79. RK: Sadriu 12./Mura

Slovenian Football League, 2023-2024
# National teams No. matches Wins Draws Defeat Goal difference Points


6 5 1 0 17:5 16


6 5 0 1 12:5 15

Olympia Ljubljana

7 5 0 2 20:13 15


7 3 2 2 11:8 11

Well done

7 3 2 2 9:8 11

Kalcer Radomlje

7 2 1 4 7:11 a.m 7


7 2 1 4 8:15 7


7 1 2 4 9:13 am 5


7 1 2 4 5:16 a.m 5


7 1 1 5 9:13 am 4

Source: Rtvslo

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