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Osuji prevented the victory of Celje in Bonifika in the final moments of the derby



The Radom residents won a local derby with Domžale

The players of Koper and Celje split without a winner in the last match of the 8th round of the First Telemach League. It was 1:1 at Bonifika.

Mario Kvesić scored in the 16th minute.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

Celje got off to a great start in the derby, quickly pushing on the goal Jan Koprivacwho had a lot of work to do in the opening minutes, among other things, he had to perform twice well after shooting from a distance.

In the 16th minute, the pressure of the Styrian team bore fruit: Žan Karničnik he found with a precise deep pass through the middle Mario Kvseić, who first stopped the ball with his left, and then hit the small net of Koprivčev’s goal with a diagonal shot with his right. 0:1.

After the conceded goal, however, the Koper team rallied, narrowed their ranks in defense, played better in the middle of the field and created some (half) opportunities. Mark Pabai among other things, he missed the visitors’ goal by a good meter with a violent volley from the distance.

The end of the first half was also interesting, when in the 40th minute he tried to surprise Koprivec with a curled shot from a long distance. Alyosha Matkobut he was a bit imprecise, on the other side of the field he cut through the visiting defense Timothee Neverat the last moment prevented him from taking a shot and a probable goal Klemen Nemanič.

In the following, the people of Koper took the initiative on the green, repeatedly exerting pressure on the goal of Celjani, relying mainly on shots from a distance. Mainly Ahmed Ankrahwho replaced Nkada after less than an hour of play, tried several times from long distance, but in vain.

Celje’s net was shaken in the 72nd minute when, after confusion in the Štajerci penalty area, the ball was sent into the goal from close range by a reserve player. Ramazan Orazovwho ran to the green at the beginning of the second half instead Novak Tepšićbut the goal was disallowed due to a prohibited position.

A good ten minutes later, an exceptional opportunity was offered to the captain after a cross from a corner Maks Barišićwho had enough time to stop the ball with his chest and launch a half-volley, but straight at Rozman, who managed to tame the round leather and keep the minimal advantage of his team.

When it seemed that the Celje would withstand all the pressure until the end of the game, in the exhalations of the regular part of the meeting, reserve player Bede Osuji equalized the result. Enej Jelenič sent a cross in front of the goal from the right side, and Osuji found himself perfectly in the goalkeeper’s area, planted his foot and diverted the ball behind the helpless Rozman. 1:1. The result is also after four minutes of added time by the head referee Radet Obrenović remained unchanged.

Millers from the bottom to sixth placeThe first Sunday match took place in Domžale, where Radomlje officially hosted their neighbors Domžale. The neighboring confrontation was decided in the first half, in which the final result was already set 3:1 for the millers, who jumped from the last to the sixth place and in the process overtook guests. Radomljane took the lead in the 19th minute with his first league debut Ivan Krolo, when he beat Gašper Tratnik a little from the left and diverted the ball. The people of Domžal quickly responded when, after a play from 20 m, the barely 17-year-old shot under the crossbar Luka Topalović.

A goal and a post by Da Cruz, who was injuredThe millers took the lead for the second time in the 32nd minute, when the 21-year-old striker, on loan from Croatia’s Gorica, skilfully scored after a pass from the left side in front of the goal Caio Da Cruz. The Brazilian’s goal was followed by another beautiful goal from a distance: Dejan Vokić scored under the crossbar from less than 20 m. Da Cruz hit the crossbar in stoppage time. In the continuation, Domžale were without ideas and searched in vain for the second goal of the connection. Radomlje, on the other hand, stepped off the gas, especially after the injury to Da Cruz, they were just waiting for the official confirmation of the second victory of the season.


KALCER RADOMLJE – DOMŽALE 3:1 (3:1) Krolo 19th, Cruz 33rd, Vokić 38th; Topalović 23.

Kalcer Radomlje: That’s right; Ševelj, Korun, Marković (88./Zaler), Hrvoj, Krolo (92./Pogačar), Vokić (69./Merdović), Nuhanović, Šošić (88./Posavec), Cruz (69./Gorenc-Stanković), Cuckoo.

Regrets: Lawn; Mutavčić, Nwankwo (72./Hodžić), Makadji (61./Fazlić), Dapo, Markuš, Biggs (46./Marasović), Repas, Topalović (84/Tolić), Šturm (72./Krstovski), Kolobarić.

Judge: Aleksandar Matković (Ravne na Carinthia)

KOPER – CELJE 1:1 (0:1) Osuji 90.; Kvesic 16.

FC Koper: Koprivec, Barišić, Mittendorfer, Nkada (58./Ankrah), Omladić (82./Groznica), Pabai, Pavlović, Prce, Ruedl (46./Osuji), Tepšić (46./Orazov), Tičić (73./Jelenič ).

NK Celje: Rozman, Bobičanec, Karničnik, Matko, Milić (62./Vuklišević), Nemanič, Prutsev (79./Edmilson), Svetlin (24./Lamy), Kvesić (78./Kouter), Zabukovnik, Zec.

Judge: Rade Obrenović (Ljubljana)

OLYMPIA – MARIBOR 2:1 (1:0) 5380; Rui Pedro 34th, Ratnik 65th; Laušić 70.

ALUMINUM – ROGAŠKA 1:2 (0:2) 400; Skiba 77.; Miljanić 2., Gradisar 14.

MURA – BRAVO 1:1 (1:0) 1500; Jurišić 6.; Stor 79. RK: Sadriu 12./Mura

Slovenian Football League, 2023-2024
# National teams No. matches Wins Draws Defeat Goal difference Points


6 5 1 0 17:5 16


6 5 0 1 12:5 15

Olympia Ljubljana

7 5 0 2 20:13 15


7 3 2 2 11:8 11

Well done

7 3 2 2 9:8 11

Kalcer Radomlje

7 2 1 4 7:11 a.m 7


7 2 1 4 8:15 7


7 1 2 4 9:13 5


7 1 2 4 5:16 a.m 5


7 1 1 5 9:13 4

Source: Rtvslo

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