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The Czech was surprised by the Australian Danny; Tsegay and Duplantis improved world records



Shericka Jackson the best sprinter in the world

World runner-up Kristjan Čeh did not defend the Diamond League champion title in the discus throw, as he was second in Eugene. He beat Sweden’s Daniel Ståhl with a throw of 67.64 m, but what if Australian Matt Denny threw the discus 68.43 m in the last series and won.

On the second day of the finals of the most prestigious series of athletics meetings, last year’s best Slovenian athlete threw the javelin 67.64 m and was second, he surprisingly won Matthew Denny with an Australian record of 68.43m.

Denny, fourth at this year’s World Championships in Budapest and also at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, came away with the victory in the penultimate throw of the match.

A repeat of the story from Budapest

The 24-year-old Czech, who became the world champion in Eugene last year, achieved his distance of the day in the second series.

Thus, the story from the WC in the Hungarian capital was repeated, when the Czech lost the gold in a similar way. Then he was overtaken by the Olympic winner Daniel Ståhl, who was third this time with a throw of 67.36 m.

The Czech, who won all the diamond events last year, repeated Tina Šutej’s ranking on Saturday, who was second in the pole vault and narrowly missed the victory with the national outdoor record. Third Slovenian finalist Maruša Mišmaš Zrimšek was sixth in the 3000m steeplechase.

Armand Duplantis became the world champion in Eugene last July with 6.21 meters, this time he improved the world record again.  Photo: EPA

Duplantis improved his world record!
Swede Armand Duplantis on the second day of the finals of the athletics Diamond League season in Eugene, USA, he improved his world record in the pole vault, he jumped 6.23 m, which is an absolute record in the discipline. Outdoors, the Olympic champion won gold at the World Championships with an outdoor record of 6.21m on July 24th last year in Eugene, and indoors he jumped 6.22m on February 25th this year in Clermont-Ferrand.

Ethiopian Tsegay improved the 5 km world record by five secondsGudaf Tsegay set a world record in the 5000 meters with a time of 14:00.21. The Ethiopian improved the previous record of 14:05.20, which Kenyan Faith Kipyegon ran on June 9 this year also at the Diamond League in Paris. Close to that time was runner-up Beatrice Chebet, the Kenyan ran 14:05.92 and is now third all-time.

Gudaf Tsegay set a remarkable world record at 5000 meters.  Photo: EPA

Shericka Jackson the best sprinter in the worldJamaica’s Shericka Jackson became the third in history with diamond season wins in both the 100m and 200m. At half the stadium lap, her 21.57 in the last discipline of this final failed to improve the world record (21.34) from 1988.

In two stadium laps, where Anita Horvat narrowly missed out on qualifying for the finals, in her first appearance at the Diamond League, Athing Mu reached the final success with the US record (1:54.97) and the best time of the year in the 800m, eight but she ran under two minutes.

Some of the season’s best results in the world have been achieved at Hayward Field. It was also achieved by the Ukrainian Jaroslava Mahučik, who won the high jump, and the second-placed Australian Nicola Olyslagers. Both jumped 2.03m in the discipline in which Lia Apostolovski was also very close to the finals.

Tobi Amusan was the best in the high hurdles.  Photo: EPA

Emmanuel Wanyonyi won the 800 m run (1:42.80) with the first time of the year, and the league winner from Jamaica Hansle Parchment (12.93) was among the top five from the WC in Budapest in the 110 m hurdles. The 100 m hurdles race, where the world record holder, Nigerian Tobi Amusan (12.33) celebrated, was similarly heavily occupied.

In the 200 m, Canadian Andre de Grasse was surprisingly the best for the first and at the same time final diamond victory (19.76). The American shot put duel was won by Joe Kovacs, who surprised world record holder Ryan Crouser, current Olympic and world champion, by two centimeters with 22.93 m.

The Dutchwoman Femke Bol achieved her third consecutive final victory in the Diamond League in the 400m hurdles, when she accelerated violently after the penultimate hurdle and shook off the last competitor for the meeting record (51.98). Marileidy Paulino from the Dominican Republic (49.58) won this obstacle-free distance.

In the long jump in both competitions, the second distance was decidedThe long jump was extremely even in both events, with the second best distance deciding the winner. The Serbian Ivana Vuleta, the fifth winner of the league, jumped 6.85 m in the penultimate jump of the match, just like the previous leader Ese Brume. The Nigerian could not jump for the last time due to an injury, but her second jump was eight cm shorter than the Serbian. Winner Simon Ehammer of Switzerland and Jamaica’s Tajay Gayle cleared 8.22m, the former in a second best attempt of 8.12m and the latter four centimeters short.

Moški, 2. dan, 200 m:                                 
 1. A. DE GRASSE       KAN       19,76 
 2. K. BEDNAREK        ZDA       19,95 
 3. E. KNIGHTON        KEN       19,97 

800 m:                                 
 1. E. WANYONYI        KEN     1:42,80 
 2. M. AROP            KAN     1:42,85 
 3. D. SEDJATI         ALŽ     1:43,06 
3000 m:                                
 1. J. INGEBRIGTSEN    NOR     7:23,63 
 2. Y. KEJELCHA        ETI     7:23,64 
 3. G. FISHER          ZDA     7:25,47 

110 m ovire:                           
 1. H. PARCHMENT       JAM       12,93 
 2. G. HOLLOWAY        ZDA       13,06 
 3. D. ROBERTS         ZDA       13,07 
 1. A. DUPANTIS        ŠVE      * 6,23 
 2. E. J. OBIENA       FIL        5,82 
 3. S. KENDRICKS       ZDA        5,72 
          * - svetovni rekord          
 1. S. EHAMMER         ŠVI        8,22 
 2. T. GAYLE           JAM        8,22 
 3. J. HAŠIOKA         JAP        8,15 

 1. M. DENNY           AVS       68,43 
 2. K. ČEH             SLO       67,64 
 3. D. STAHL           ŠVE       67,36 
 1. J. KOVACS          ZDA       22,93 
 2. R. CROUSER         ZDA       22,91 
 3. T. WALSH           NZL       22,69 

Ženske, 200 m:                                 
 1. S. JACKSON         JAM       21,57 
 2. M. J. TA LOU       SLO. O.   22,10 
 3. A. STRACHAN        BAH       22,16 
400 m:                                 
 1. M. PAULINO         DOM       49,58 
 2. N. KACZMAREK       ETI       50,38 
 3. L. KLAVER          NIZ       50,47 
800 m:                                 
 1. A. MU              ZDA     1:54,97 
 2. K. HODGKINSON       VB     1:55,19 
 3. N. GOULE TOPPIN    JAM     1:55,96 

5000 m:                                
 1. G. TSEGAY          ETI  * 14:00,21 
 2. B. CHEBET          KEN    14:05,92 
 3. E. TAYE            ETI    14:21,52 
          * - svetovni rekord          
100 m ovire:                           
 1. T. AMUSAN          NIG       12,33 
 2. J. CAMACHO QUINN   PRT       12,38 
 3. K. HARRISON        ZDA       12,44 
400 m ovire:                           
 1. F. BOL             NIZ       51,98 
 2. S. LITTLE          ZDA       53,45 
 3. R. CLAYTON         JAM       53,56 

 1. J. MAHUČIK         UKR        2,03 
 2. N. OLYSLAGERS      AVS        2,03 
 3. A. TOPIĆ           SRB        1,95 
 1. I. VULETA          SRB        6,85 
 2. E. BRUME           NIG        6,85 
 3. Q. BURKS           ZDA        6,77 
 1. V. ALLMAN          ZDA       68,66 
 2. L. TAUSAGA         ZDA       68,36 
 3. S. PERKOVIĆ        HRV       66,85 

Source: Rtvslo

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