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Águila breaks through the cracks and flies to the top of Apertura 2023



Aguila claims leadership of Apertura 2023.

Aguila claims leadership of Apertura 2023.

CD Aguila continued their momentum in the Apertura 2023 tournament, defeating Jocolo FC 0-2 at the Tierra de Fuego Sports Center. At the end of the eighth day of the Apertura 2023, they had increased their lead over their closest rivals, Once Deportivo, by five points, and had added four consecutive wins.

The Stokers were better than the Migueleños in some sections of the match, advancing the game and defending with Germán Águila in the center and Victor Rafael García with the constant arrival that pays attention to the direct game attempted by the Morazan team. It almost overturned the frame. However, the feathered ones took a resolute stance.

Hocolo scored several times, first when Junior Padilla approached the front of the area and was whipped past García’s goal, then Joel Turcios sent a cross from the right but Germán Aguila was unable to connect. Jaime Ortiz then attempted a free kick. He then saved a shot from the Uruguayan goalkeeper to avoid a 1-0 lead.

However, Aguila has been strong in this tournament, and in the 31st minute, Miguel’s new signing Tomas Granit crosses from the right side and Dixon Rivas finishes, allowing Jocolo to make up for the missed opportunity. you will have to pay. However, the ball ended up between the legs of goalkeeper Oscar Sanchez. Carlos Salazar took advantage of this and sunk into the back of the goal.

In the second half, Jocolo had a number of attackers, including Luis Acuña, Honduras’ Elmer Guiti, and Lester Blanco, who slowed Aguila with attacks in their own half, but Migueleños struck again at the right time.

In the 69th minute, Santos Ortiz received a pass from the once again influential Tomas Granit on the right and crossed to the far post. Dixon Rivas finally scored with a header, but the ball accidentally hit Sanchez’s back, making the score 0-2.

Hokoro attacked with all his might to find a discount. Guiti, who formed a combination on the attacking front, entered the area and fired a cross shot, but it missed the target. Goalkeeper Garcia did his best to shoot Hokoro’s powerful shots as he continued to aim for the goal.

In the end, Aguila had good control in the defensive zone and did not allow further attacks, with Duvier Riascos scoring a header inside the area and Kevin Melara scoring a long-range shot that almost confused the Firemen. However, the result was confirmed and Migueleños won the national tournament. Soccer tournament.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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