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The most beautiful Slovenian campaign? Probably the last one in the match against France.



The volleyball players took care of a new surplus and returned from the European Championship with a medal for the fourth time. Rok Možič was the most efficient player of the tournament with 152 points.

The 21-year-old player from Verona was also the best in the number of points collected from attacks (132).

With the standard receiving pair of Urnaut – Čebulj, Možič was only a reserve at last year’s world championship, but this year, due to Tonček Štern’s injury, he got the opportunity in the correctional position and used it perfectly.

Slovenian fans will be happy to watch the last two points of the match for third place against France again and again. First, Dejan Vinčić risked everything and won the final ball in an exceptional way, which Slovenia played masterfully. Jani Kovačič proved why he is one of the best free agents, as he saved what seemed to be a lost ball, Tine Urnaut sent it in the air to Rok Možič, who made sure that the ball flew from the French block into the box with a powerful shot.

The celebration of winning the bronze medal began, the players were crying, even the coach Gheorghe He gave himself to Cretu breath … You can watch the video of the last two points and the celebration below video

Source: Rtvslo

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