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Brian Tamacas: “Thank you Hugo Perez. He trusted me when we had a problem in El Salvador.”



Oakland Roots player Brian Tamakas / Oakland Roots

Oakland Roots player Brian Tamakas / Oakland Roots

Cuscatoleco winger Brian Tamakas said this on his YouTube channel ‘Azur Podcast’. We would like to thank Hugo Pérez, now the former coach of the El Salvadoran national team, for his work.was sacked after last week’s 3-2 loss against Trinidad and Tobago at the Jorge “Magico” González Stadium.

Tamacas said he was surprised by Perez’s resignation and thanked Perez for his blind trust. “I was surprised by the words of the teacher (Hugo Pérez). Of course, I am one of the people to whom I owe a lot of gratitude. Even when there were problems in El Salvador, the teacher trusted me blindly and He gave it to me.”

“He was one of those people who always sat me down and taught me to tell the truth, to speak up. It’s sad from my point of view. No one believes you, and there were some very difficult times,” Tamakas added.

Perez, a player with the Oakland Roots of the United Soccer League (USL), said: During his time with the El Salvadoran national team, he added value to Cuscatoleco’s football players. “Maybe people don’t realize it, but he did a lot for El Salvador. , changed a lot of things, the way the team travels, the way the team has been doing, hosting us at the airport.”

“He encouraged us as players to be where we should be practicing, and he demanded a lot from us to make sure the team was treated the way it should be treated. He’s someone who has always fought for that. God will put him in the right place,”’ Tamacas added.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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