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Eugenio Calderon: “We’re already out of the 2026 World Cup. Even Guardiola doesn’t classify us.”



Eugenio Calderon Sports Journalist / DEM Archive

Eugenio Calderon Sports Journalist / DEM Archive

Sports journalist Eugenio Calderon has launched a series of criticisms against some of his colleagues, including Channel 4’s Carsten Rivas. Carsten Rivas was the center of a “slap” he received from a sports journalist. Now former selector coach Hugo Perez defended him after he was sacked last week.He also spoke about the comments made by national team coach Diogo Gama.

Calderon said on Natan Vakis’ show “As It Is” that following the decision to sack Hugo Pérez as selector manager, we are letting go of the possibility of participating in the 2026 World Cup. He said it would be. “Think about the World Cup and listen to me. We have already lost two years that could have changed the structure of Salvadoran football if only intervention and suspension had taken place. It is.”

“We’re going to lose another two years before the playoffs, but we’re going to throw that away because by cutting off this project that took four or five years to find players at a higher level, they’re throwing away two more years before the playoffs. “Wait and see what happens,” he added.

A sports journalist currently appearing on Channel 10 sent a message to two specific communicators in El Salvador, saying: Even if Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola comes, he won’t be able to go to the World Cup.

“After these two years, I would like to listen with the same anger to the opinions of Carsten Rivas, Carlos Vides and others who will not allow this football to change once and for all. This cancer of El Salvadoran football. There are some guys embedded in it, but we haven’t admitted it yet.”I could imagine, next week they’ll have coach Josep ‘Pep’ Guardiola, but even the best coach in the world You can’t classify us as Central America,” Calderon said.

Calderon also added that he was surprised to see fans at the Jorge “Magico” González Stadium chanting “Hugo get out” after the game against Trinidad and Tobago.

“When you see 30 or 40 fans coming out to the Magico González Stadium with very clear, very elaborate posters, it’s not a class sentiment of football fans; I think the plan was hatched when they saw themselves prostrate.” Along with the national team bus, this direct provocation is reflected in the press conference,” Calderon said.

“This slap from Hugo Pérez to Carsten Rivas must be accepted by sports journalism, which continues to confuse all fans while protecting their interests.” “No one knows that I work for a media outlet that I have a direct relationship with,” he added.

Finally, the Channel 10 sports journalist also criticized the national team’s sporting director, Diogo Gama, for his reasons for sacking Hugo Perez from his role as selector manager.

Eugenio Calderon said: “Diogo Gama’s press conference was terrible. Every statement he made was contradictory and everything was the exact opposite. Why didn’t the president of the regulatory commission appear at that press conference? Is it?” he said.

“In this country, we are used to looking for responsibility and not criticizing ourselves when things go wrong. Who was responsible for the decision that Hugo Pérez would not continue playing? Hugo is a football professional, so it’s very professional. “It was a very close relationship and I didn’t really see a lot of respect,” he added.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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