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Jenni Hermoso strikes back at the Spanish Federation



We actresses are convinced that this is another strategy of division and manipulation, with which they intimidate us and threaten us with legal consequences and fines. This is another irrefutable proof that nothing has changed until today.

Response Jenni Hermoso to the call-up of female soccer players who refuse to play for the Spanish national team until there are real changes in the association and leadership of the world champions.

The story of the new world champions in soccer continues to excite the Spanish public, where it is now the number one topic. On the first list of the new selector Montse Tom 15 female world champions were ranked, even if all 23 players, together with more than 50 other female colleagues, refused to play for the national team in a public letter until real changes are made in the Spanish football federation.

The affair with a kiss at the awarding of medals to the newly minted world champions took away the president after severe public pressure Luis Ruibialesat the same time, despite the victory at the World Cup in Australia, the selector was dismissed Jorge Vildaabout whom the national team complained for a long time and even rebelled against him months ago, but with the support of Rubiales, he remained the selector.

New coach Montse Tome was Vildaje’s assistant, and despite the public letter, she called up players who do not want to play for the premiere performance of the Uefa Nations League. Especially female footballers of Spanish clubs are in an impossible position, as the federation can punish them for refusing to be called up.

All six players from Atletico and Real came to Tuesday’s national team meeting in Madrid and entered the hotel without saying a word. Only the goalkeeper Misa Rodriguez responded briefly, and when asked if she was happy about the call-up, she replied coldly “No.”

Source: Rtvslo

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